The names leanne.
This world is just here for fun, don't take anything too seriously.



ss fanart wishlist

Hello SS, thankyou for being my SS. I wish for the following:

A drawing of any of my OC's!!
Or more than just one! whatever you feel like doing! Full body, half body, chibi!
Christmas themed clothes would also be appreciated!

Please and thank!!

iwallie Wishlist

I wish for these things:

Shingeki no kyojin- levi heichou
Kyoukai no kanata- akihito, mirai
Blue exorcist- Rin

Please and thank.

Short update

Yo! hey! Short update this time!

Been discussing my future plans with lots of people lately, and I'm still a bit sore about how i need to get a job sometime soon. Because I know that i should get a job but from the last few times that i did have a job, I've realised that i hate working. The money just isn't worth it.... even though i want some money of my own I just really don't want to work. I should just get off my butt and deal with it, I know. But hey, at least i didn't fail all my classes this semester! haahaaaa.. such acheivement, much wow... anyway
Bye for now!

still kicking...slightly

hey, remember that time when everybody would post ALL the time and were like on this site 24/7? I do, and i kinda miss being on here all the time, but now that I'm older i don't quite see the allure this site used to hold for me. I'm still here, but not as often as i would like to be.... hhhhhmmmmm I've been reading lots of comics lately and i found a comic thats super awesome and funny with amazing art.... and i started thinking.... I wanna draw a comic too. But I'm still trying to come up with a storyboard that i like, and creating concept sketches and figuring out how i will draw it.... yeah.

On a completely different note, I'm really enjoying the new artists on this site, their enthusiasum is like a fresh breath of air, I don't remember the last time i felt such enthusiasum towards my art, lately the only thing i can see in my art is all the faults and mistakes... *SIGH*

Thats all for now Folks! bye!