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Seasons Meme

Just when you thought this world died, it erupted from the grave with a new meme! xD

Stolen from Hifsa who stole from TDE:


[x] You love your freedom (I like freedom, but I don't get much)
[/] You’d rather be hot than cold
[/] You love swimming
[x] You tan easily (can I give infinity x's for this?)
[ ] You love grilling/barbecuing (I like eating bbq...?)
[x] You like fireworks
[ ] You were born in the summer
[ ] Your favorite holiday is the 4th of July (I'm not American)
[x] You like the beach
[ ] You live in the South
[ ] You hate wearing trousers/pants
[x] You love lemonade or iced tea
[ ] You own more than one bathing suit
[x] You like water parks
[ ] You own a convertible

Total: 7


[ ] You’re constantly changing your looks
[x] You love sweaters
[ ] Halloween or Thanksgiving is your favorite holiday
[ ] You like to eat squash
[ ] Your favorite sport is football
[/] You love haunted houses (They give me the creeps, but they're okay)
[/] You prefer to call it ‘autumn’
[ ] You love pumpkin flavored things
[ ] Your favorite color is orange (people say I look good in orange. idk)
[ ] You like apple cider (forgot what it tastes like)
[x] You like to see the leaves change colour
[ ] You like voting
[/] You love going back to school
[ ] You live in the Midwest
[x] You were born in the fall

Total: 4 1/2


[/] You’d rather be cold than hot
[ ] You own at least three scarves
[ ] Christmas is your favorite holiday
[/] You love snow
[x] You like to use your fireplace
[x] You like hot chocolate
[x] You love to snuggle
[ ] You go big on New Year’s Eve
[ ] You know how to ski
[x] You live in the North (I do live in Canada, but I live in Southeastern Canada but I think it still counts)
[/] You love ice skating
[x] You love to wear fur or leather
[ ] You were born in the winter
[x] You have built a snowman before
[x] You loved Frozen

Total: 8 1/2


[x] You love plants
[ ] You have a green thumb
[ ] Easter is your favourite holiday
[/] You like pastel colours
[x] You love a cool breeze
[x] You like the sound of rain
[ ] You were born in the spring
[x] You love starting things fresh
[x] You like to eat salads
[/] You love picnics
[x] You love to write poetry
[ ] You have been to prom
[ ] You’re not scared of bugs
[x] You like going to festivals
[/] You like to pick flowers

Total: 8 1/2

It's a tie between Winter and Spring. So I guess my fav season is... Sprinter? Or Wing? XD

About Me Meme?

Stolen from RinMustang22 who stole this meme from LGA775. Not sure if I did this meme before:

Username: ForeverOtaku
Birthdate: September 26
Birthplace: Canada
Current Location: My bedroom
Eye Color: Dark brown
Hair Color: Black
Righty or Lefty: Righty
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Innie or Outtie: Innie
Male or Female: Female

The shoes you wore today: None yet.
Your fears: Death, bad grades, being home alone at night with a power outage, violence involving my friends/family, losing all of my friends, Karma givning a chain reaction of bad things, etc.

------WHAT IS------
Your most overused phrase: 'Like,' 'Lol,' 'Chicken.'
Your thoughts first waking up: 'What time is it?', 'Stupid alarm clock', or 'Ughhh'
The first feature you notice in the opposite sex: Hair
Your best physical feature: Is this a joke.
Your bedtime: I don't have a bedtime; but I usually sleep around 12 am lol oops
Your most missed memory: Personal.

------YOU PREFER-----
Pepsi or coke: Pepsi.
McDonald's or Burger King: To hell with both. XD
Single or group dates: Not allowed to date, but I prefer single.
Adidas or Nike: Both are cool
Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate
Cappuccino or coffee: Cappuccino

--------DO YOU---------
Smoke: No
Cuss: Not really
Take a shower everyday: Every other day.
Have a crush: Um. Maybe. Yes. No. Derp. Chicken.
Do you think you've been in love?: Yeah.
Want to go to college: I want to go to University.
Like(ed) high school: Going to high school in September so idk.
Want to get married: I guess so
Type with your fingers on the right keys: Yep
Believe in yourself: I try to!
Get motion sickness: No. (This reminded me of Natsu XDDD)
Think you're attractive: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA no. Idk really.
Think you're a health freak: Not a freak
Get along with your parents: Not always.
Play an instrument: Recorder when I was younger, and I play the violin atm.

--------IN THE PAST MONTH DID:/:HAVE YOU---------
Go to the mall: Yes.
Eaten sushi: From ChinaSan at school
Been on stage: Yes
Been dumped: I never even dated anyone in my life lol
Gone skating: No.
Made homemade cookies: No
Been in love: asdfghjkl;
Dyed your hair: No
Stolen anything: This meme and my friend's food

--------HAVE YOU EVER--------
Flown on a plane: Yes
Missed school because it was raining?: No
Told a guy/girl that you liked them?: No.
Cried during a Movie?: Yes
Ever thought an animated character was hot?: YES ALL THE WAYY
Had an imaginary friend: No
Cut your own hair: Trimmed it
Had crush on a teacher: O.o...
Played a game that required removal of clothing?: Dafuq
Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: Never been drunk
Been called a tease: ???
Gotten beaten up: Got bullied
Been in a fight: Nope.
Shoplifted: No.

-----------THE FUTURE---------
Age you hope to be married: Late twenties
Numbers and Names of Children: 1-2 kids and it's too early to plan on what their names are going to be.
How do you want to die?: Old age
What do you want to be when you grow up?: Doctor/Pharmacist, and maybe a poet/author in my spare time
What country would you most like to visit?: Japan, England, and Australia

------------Opp. Sex-----------
Best eye color: Brown, Blue, and Hazel
Best hair color: Blonde or dark brown
Short or long hair: Short (Edward Elric is an exception ♥)
Best height: Taller than me
Best weight: Average
First date location: The park, or the theatre
Best first kiss location: On a bench with a view of the sunset

----------NUMBER OF-----
Number of people you could trust with your life: My family and my friends.
Number of CDs that I own: Hardly
Number of piercings: One in each ear
Number of tattoos: None
Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper: Never
Number of scars on my body: I don't think I do

Shampoo: Head and Shoulders, Herbal Essence
Fav Color(s): Blue, purple, white, all neon colors, silver, gold, and a little bit of pink
Day/Night: Both
Summer/Winter: Both
Fave Anime Character: Edward Elric ♥
Fave Food: Lasagna, and all junk food xD
Fave Movies: A bunch of hindi movies XD
Fave sport: Swimming and badminton

-----------RIGHT NOW---------
Wearing: A grey maxi dress with aqua tights
Drinking: Nothing
Thinking about: This meme
Listening to: Nothing atm

------IN THE LAST 24 HRS------
Cried: Yes...
Worn jeans: No
Met someone new online: No
Done laundry: No
Drove a car: No
Talked on the phone: Yes

-------DO YOU BELIEVE IN-----
Yourself: Sometimes
Your friends: Yes
Santa Claus: Lol no
Tooth Fairy: No
Destiny/Fate: Sometimes
Angels: Yes
Ghosts: Depends
UFO's: No

Do you ever wish you had another name?: At times, yes.


Creature Meme?

It's been forever since I posted a meme. I finally found one; here it is!

Stolen from Annieluvskittys who stole from Hifsa who stole it form artistcilla:

[x] You rather be pale than tan.
[ ] You like to eat or drink red things.
[ ] You're lustful/sexual.
[ ] When you're kissing someone, you tend to bite them.
[ ] You're dark, mysterious, and seductive.
[ ] You've tasted your own blood before and liked it.
[/] Being out in the sun too long makes you feel weak.
[ ] You're graceful, light, AND can appear threatening or dangerous to others.
[ ] You have incredible charm and can get people to do nearly anything.
[X] You're more active at night.

Total: 2 1/2


[ ] You're incredibly lustful/sexual.
[ ] Sex is almost always on your mind.
[ ] You could make someone fall completely in love with you by merely kissing them
[ ] You burn through lovers quickly.
[ ] If your best friend had a lover that appealed to you, you'd gladly do anything you could to take them from your friend and not feel guilty about doing so.
[ ] You can make love with someone and drop them in the same breath.
[ ] If you don't "feed" your lust, you go insane.
[/] You have strong/long nails.
[ ] You could get nearly anyone you want.
[ ] You tend to be the dominate one in a relationship.

Total: 1/2


[ ] You have a bad temper.
[ ] You're incredibly physically strong and fast.
[x] You love the moon.
[x] You're very loyal.
[x] If you love someone, you'll do whatever you possibly can to protect them.
[ ] You would go on a devastated rampage should your lover be harmed in any way.
[/] You like dogs.
[ ] You're fairly sturdy in stature.
[ ] You're either a good leader or a solitary person.
[ ] You have a hard time controlling yourself half of the time.

Total: 3 1/2


[/] You love cats.
[ ] You're light and agile.
[ ] You could fall off of anything and always land on your feet.
[ ] You like gymnastics.
[/] You love to eat seafood.
[x] You're affectionate and cozy.
[x] If someone is able to sneak up on you and startle you, you nearly leap out of your skin or swat at them.
[ ] You like yarn.
[ ] You like chasing things.
[ ] You're an excellent hunter.

Total: 3

[ ] You're an outcast.
[ ] You feel as if you're not truly alive.
[/] You'll moan when you're hurt rather than scream and cry.
[/] You tend to zone out.
[/] You don't feel very smart.
[ ] You like worms.
[/] You like taking things slowly.
[ ] You like odd foods.
[ ] You prefer to suffer in silence.
[/] You don't get much sleep.

Total: 2 1/2


[ ] You're invisible.
[ ] You have an oddly eerie presence.
[ ] You can send chills down a person's spine just by looking at them.
[ ] You have messy hair that is partially/completely in your face.
[/] You're incredibly gentle.
[x] You're very shy around someone you find attractive.
[ ] You tend to simply disappear when no one's looking.
[ ] You enjoy scaring people.
[ ] You like the indoors.
[x] You are deeply connected to the ones you love no matter what happens.

Total: 2 1/2


[/] You will eat just about anything. (If I'm hungry, as long as it's edible and is safe to eat, I'll eat it)
[ ] You like to attack people verbally or physically.
[ ] You are thrilled if you can make someone bleed.
[ ] If you were with someone,you wouldn't care if you hurt them as long as you're getting what you want out of them.
[ ] You like stalking people.
[ ] You find it fun to crawl into tight, small, cramped, dirty spaces.
[x] You get hungry easily.
[ ] You like torture.
[ ] You live to hurt people.
[ ] You like the idea of being insane.

Total: 1 1/2


[ ] You're into Wicca/paganism.
[X] You like magical objects.
[/] You believe in magic/can perform it.
[ ] You perform odd rituals on a daily basis.
[ ] People find you intolerably cruel.
[ ] You enjoy manipulating people.
[ ] You feel deeply in touch with nature and hate industrialization.
[ ] You love black cats.
[ ] You practice voodoo.
[ ] You tend to laugh hysterically while picking on someone you find attractive.

Total: 1 1/2


[/] You have different personalities.
[ ] Your style could change from Goth to preppy in the same second.
[ ] You're fickle. (What??)
[ ] You have more than one lover
[/] You're unpredictable.
[ ] You would change yourself entirely to fit in/get a date.
[x] You are fond of many different things.
[ ] You can easily get out of trouble by changing your demeanor.
[ ] You often say one thing and mean another.
[ ] You like to leave your clothes on the floor after taking them off.

Total: 2


[ ] You have a very bad temper.
[ ] You're usually angry.
[ ] You have to make other people miserable with every breath that you take.
[ ] You worship Satan.
[ ] You like pentagrams.
[ ] You love to mess with people's heads.
[ ] You could do just about anything bad to someone and feel proud.
[ ] You laugh when other people are hurt.
[ ] Physically harming someone turns you on.
[ ] You respond to an insult by viciously attacking the other person.

Total: 0


[x] You're a good person.
[/] You take care with everything you do.
[/] You can be extremely serious.
[/] You're gentle and kind to even your worst enemies.
[/] You cannot hold a grudge against anyone.
[x] You would gladly endure anything for the sake of the ones you love.
[ ] People see you as being very pure.
[/] You are obedient and follow rules without question.
[x] You love God.

Total: 5 1/2


[ ] You enchant people.
[ ] You like organic things.
[x] You're almost always smiling.
[/] You love the world around you.
[/] You get attached to animals easily.
[ ] You're a walking-talking chick-flick/prince charming.
[/] You fall in love easily.
[x] You have a very bright/bubbly/friendly personality.
[ ] You don't HATE anyone.
[x] You like long hair.

Total: 4 1/2

I'm an Angel~

EDIT: Miscalculated like 2 things. lol



Stolen from Hana Ishida who stole from Songbird33:

Full Name: Not going to say

Addiction: Instagram and the Internet C:

How Tall Am I: 5'3

Girl I Trust Most: One of my friends

Boy I Trust Most: My closest cousin (If you read my blog, it's M.T)

Last Person I Hugged: One of my friends (I think it was mangaandanimelove)

Favorite Color(s): Purple, blue, all neon colors, silver, gold

Someone Who Is Always There For Me: God, my friends

Do I Miss My Last Relationship?: Never been in one before.

My Crush: Someone at school (but I'm married to Edward from Fullmetal Alchemist tee hee <33)

Who Makes Me Laugh: Usually my friends

Everyone I Love: My family, my friends, God, Edward (XDD, but those are the people I love more than my crush)

One Person I'm Scared To Lose: I can't choose one, there are a lot of people I'm scared to lose

Who I Do The Craziest Things With: My friends

Who Make Me Smile: Usually my friends :)

What I'm Listening To: Nothing at the moment

Who I Hate: Some people at school, best friend who bullied me, Kaname from Vampire Knight...

What I Wish I Can Change: To lose fat on my stomach and thighs, to change the bad marks I get, to make myself be not so sensitive to everything...


Confessions Meme!

Stolen from Hifsa who stole from luicufers wife:

[ ] Talked back to a teacher.
[ ] Been kicked out of a class.
[x] Worn your pajamas to school. (Only the shirt part of the pajamas xD)
[x] Had your tooth fall out during school.
[x] Gotten yourself lost in your school.
[ ] Broken the dress code in your school.
[/] Completely and utterly failed a test. (I don't know about utterly, I got a 48%)
[x] Left your class without asking anybody.
[ ] Missed a whole week of school for something stupid.
[ ] Thrown up your lunch in school.

[x] Argue with your parents a lot.
[ ] Argue with your brother a lot.
[ ] Argue with your sister a lot.
[/] Do your own laundry.
[ ] Cook dinner once in a while.
[ ] Are loud and obnoxious at home.
[ ] Wear pajamas when you are not going to go anywhere.
[x] You sleep in very long.
[x] All you do is watch television/go on the internet.
[ ] Your parents are divorced.
[x] Your family makes you cry a lot.
[x] One or both of your grandparents live with you.
[/] You can't stand being with your parents. (At times when I'm pissed off and stuff)

[ ] You currently dislike one or more of your friends.
[x] You are jealous of one or more of your friends.
[ ] You have known a friend your whole life.
[/] Your friends are all taller than you.
[x] You have been ditched by a friend.
[x] You have memorized a friends phone number.
[x] You have lost/forgotten a friends phone number.
[ ] You have been to most of your friends houses.
[x] You love most of your friends.

[ ] You bite your nails.
[ ] You have an odd obsession with knives.
[ ] You cannot sleep with the door closed.
[x] You cannot sleep with the door open.
[x] There is at least one sound you cannot stand.
[ ] You write stories about mad cannibalistic serial killers.
[/] You are good at telling lies.

[x] You currently like/love someone.
[ ] You want to kill one of your exs.
[ ] You can't stay committed for an unusually long time.
[ ] You get bored of your crush/bf/gf easily.
[ ] A crush/bf/gf has called you self-centered before.
[ ] Your ex has dumped you for another person.
[x] You don't want a bf/gf at the moment. (Cuz I'm married to an anime character. XDD)


[x] Gay marriage is fine by you.
[N/A] Boys make better friends than girls do. (Ok, wtf, it just depends on who they are. So I'm not gonna check or uncheck this one)
[ ] Pink is an ugly color.
[x] Needles aren't so horrible. (When you get the needle, but I still don't like them)
[ ] Human flesh tastes like fine aged veal. (o.o)
[x] You have plenty of secrets.

[x] Fallen up the stairs.
[x] Had your shoelaces tied together.
[x] Had a nail fall off.
[ ] Captured, Manipulated, or Destroyed a soul.
[x] Worn something inside out for a whole day.