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So I'm waiting for some artist to approve of me using their art to make e-carda and it takes long

So I finally started an Michiru Rp/ask blog

Can someone give me a guide, please? I'm really nervous and afraid to do something stupid, so yeah.

Here is the link


Tagged by Sara-Chan and Manga-Tan.

1. Who is your favorite anime character?
Michiru Kita.
2. What is your favorite food.
3. Do you like chicken? xD
I think you know it by yesterday.
4. What weapon will you use for the zombie apocalypse
One of the zombie loan's characters weapon. Earning money while killing zombies.
5. Are a cat person or a dog person?
A cat. They are so cute. >-<
6. What is your favorite color?
7. what is your favorite thing to do in summer?
Watching anime and manga or going to the beach and eating ice cream
8. Do you think kids are cute or annoying?
9. are you bored?
Nope, busy on Tumblr
10. what is your favorite thing to do in THEO
Making cards, talking with everyone and learning to improve my tactics.
11. do you like mustaches?
You mustache me a question? And yes, of course I do.

1. What is something that you like about yourself, physically?
My eyes and my smooth face.
2. What is one thing you like about yourself, personality-wise?
My kindness to almost everyone.
3. What is one thing you hope to change or improve about yourself?
Wish to be less shy.
4. Favorite season and why?
Spring. 1. I'm born in this season. 2. Not to warm.
5. What random everyday thing makes you nostalgic and why?
A dance suit. Made me remember dancing on certain places.
6. Have you attended college/do you plan to/are you attending college now?
I plan on attendant one in the future.
7. What is your dream job and why?
Translator. I love languages.
8. Imagine you're having a baby. What will be its name if it's a girl? Why?
Maybe Rosseta. I love names with flower meaning to it.
9. And what if it's a boy? Again, why did you choose that name?
Luxus. It means light, because he will make me shine bright with happiness.
10. And what about middle names? And again, why?
Alexandra/Alex, because it has a nice shade to it.
11. What's your worst habit and do you plan to try to change it?
Bitting my fingernails. Plan to change is her tough.


Tagged by lovely Haitaka. Here's the answers.

1. If you could own one company, which would be your number one pick?
I don't have any idea, the're are so many of them
2. If I told you to watch Black Lagoon, what would you respond?
It's not really my genre, and I don't have much time. Sorry....
3. Addicted to AMVs?
Only to look for good songs.
4. Top anime con on your bucket list?
Never been to one, won't probably go to one.
5. Why are you still answering-don't you have something better to do?
I'm saving my only hour of free time for this, give me a break....
6. Uncommon and strange food?
Satarash, healthy and simple to make
7. First seven words that come to mind if I say "The Big Three" (aka Naruto, Bleach, One Piece)?
Watched all of them at one point, dropped One Piece, reads Naruto chapter if bored, still read Bleach like a fangirl.
8. Tea vs. Coffee?
Tea, helps my throat to not be an ass...
9. Favorite character (origin does not matter)?
Michiru Kita from Zombie-Loan. I don't know since when, but she's always been mine.
10. What would happen if I tried to give character from question 9 the food from question 6?
I think she would appreciate it and eat it. She looks like a person who would love it healty.v
11. Can you answer this question by typing with your elbow?


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1. What is to you a tearjerker/
2. If your favorite character came to tell you a bedtime story, how would it be like?
3. Anime that first loved, but now hate?
4. What is your favorite voice actor?
5. Any mangaka of which you love the art?
6. Do you know what the Mishalypse was?
7. Any hobby that you wish you had?
8. Bishonen or Bisheinen?
9. Can you name two characters who look alike? (Not twins)
10. What do you think you are? Deredere, Yandere, Yangiru, Tsundere, Kuudere, Himedere, Dandere or Ksmidere?
11. Favorite quote of anime?

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Are you.... (meme)

What do you have:

[x] Mother
[x] Father
[] Step-Father
[] Step-Mother
[] Step Sister
[] Step Brother
[] Brother
[] Brother In Law
[x] Sister
[] Sister In Law
[] Half Sister
[] Half Brother
[X] Nephew
[X] Niece
[] Boyfriend/Girlfriend
[x] Mobile Phone
[] Own Bathroom
[x] Own Room
[] Have/had a swimming pool
[] Have/had a hot tub
[] Guest room
[x] Living room
[] Own computer
[X] Own TV
[] Flat TV
[x] There is some big carpet at your house

Total: 10

[] Full size/queen bed
[] More than 8 pairs of shoes
[x] MP3 Player/ipod
[] PS2/3
[x] Nintendo DS or PSP
[] Gameboy/Advance
[x] Gamecube
[x] Xbox/Xbox 360
[x] Wii over two days
[] Your own laptop
[] Basketball net/hoop
[] Air hockey table
[] Pool table
[] Ping pong table
[] football table
[] sport gear

Total so far: 15

[X] Night Stand
[] Stereo in bedroom
[] surround system
[] DVD player in bedroom/portable

Total so far: 16

[x] Go shopping at least once a week
[x] Expensive cologne/perfume
[x] Camera on phone

Total so far: 19

[] Go cart/car/quad
[] Guitar/drums/bass
[] Piano/keyboard
[] Any other instrument
[] Been on a cruise
[x] Traveled out of the country
[] Had a personal trainer
[x] Expensive Jewelry
[x] Met a celeb (When I was really young. 3 or 4.)

Total so far: 22

[] Straightener/curling iron
[x] Have been to the batting cage
[] Have $100 on you right now in your pocket/wallet
[] Credit card or ATM card or debit card or bank card
[x] Have a TV in your room
[x] Mirror in your room
[x] Window in your room
[x] Been to Paris
[] Been to Rome
[] Been to Australia
[x] Been to Switzerland
[] Been to Dubai
[x] Been to Germany
[] Been to a place in 7 wonders

Total so far: 29

[] Parents have a car
[] Have owned or own a jet ski/boat
[] Had/Have camped
[x] Been to 3+ states/countries/provinces
[] 80+ buddies on facebook/myspace

Total so far: 30

[x] Have a home cooked meal almost everyday
[] Been in a limo
[] Been in a helicopter
[x] Own a camera
[x] Have been to Disneyland/World more than 2 times

Total: 33

1-25 = Ghetto! (tag 5 people)
26-40 = Average teen! (tag 10 people)
41-50 = Spoiled teen! (tag 15 people)
51+ = Upper class snob! (tag 20 people)

Kinda expected it. Gonna tag tomorrow.