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Pets At Home - Derby

I recently purchased a new fish tank and was eager to stock it. Being an experienced fish keeper (Me and my family have been keeping and breeding certain types of fish for many years), I knew exactly what I wanted and the requiremen...

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The Old Bank Cafe Bar - Matlock Bath

We (Myself, my fiance, my mother and her partner.) visited the Old Bank after visiting a few times before and were surprised to see different people working there to who we were usually used to. After shaking this off, we hoped that...

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Brock's Cafe - Ripley

As far as cafes go, Brock's is a pleasant one. While their menu is not huge, they do hearty and fresh meals. It was Christmas time when I visited and they had their seasonal vegetable soup on offer and it was freshly made that day o...

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The Latte Lounge - Ripley

I visited the Latte Lounge not too long ago and I can honestly say that it is a lovely little establishment. The decor is lovely, the staff are very polite and friendly and the food is very good. However, the only draw back is the c...

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Wetherspoons - The Red Lion - Ripley

I have been frequenting this establishment for a good number of years now and I can honestly say that it seems to get better each time I visit. The food is spot on and the portion sizes always leave you filled...

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