come one come all here is a place of mellifluidity, though this term is used to describe music or sound that is pleasing to the ear, i urge those of you to embrace it in the literary and art sense. here i wish to post various articles of poetry that i write. enjoy it all and i hope that it drives you to chase your own intitiatives in pursuit of greater artistic grandeur.

life's road

As i walk life's most barren road,
i seek a friend whom i may hold,
in high regard to sift away,
the mournful shards that pierce my heart,
with pain so marred.
i will it gone, i will it gone...
the burden that i bear to yon,
alleviate my past so damned
that i may rest without head in hand,
a peace that lives as long as the sun,
tis a peace i tuly wish to have won.
alas i find my heart is cleaved in twain,
by pain that i can give no name,
perhaps tis grief that is my bane.
I still wander till i claim
a friend whom speaks warmly my name,
and cherishes the same, passioned, flame. -Paul Ferguson

hollow men

Hollow men lead hollow lives
that well emotions that despise
the living hearts that some still have
and contemplate just how to rend
their beating pulses till condemned
to join the horde of hollow men. -Paul Ferguson


the times of happiness I share,
relieves my burden of despair
and aids me in my days of grief
to seek the light of famed belief
that purges demons' baleful glares
that invoke shadows of said despair. -Paul Ferguson

bitter sweet tears

the tears that fall upon ones face reveals our sadnesses' sweet grace.

for in those bitter tears that fall we find the strength we must recall

and cloud our worries oer with faith or motivation that drives the stake

of iron will

thru our resolve.

-Paul Ferguson

Death... the mistress

I greet her as i leave my door,
i glimpse her oft in times of mourn,
she holds me in adamant awe, paralized... as i view another answer her call.
Every time i take a risk, i see her, waiting, ready to take me hence,
i have courted her oft, in my past days, once, i almost fell... into her cold embrace.
the day our courtship comes to end, ill take her by her pale, cool hand,
and off to where?
only God may know.... until it is my time to go.
i hope to court this fair&terrible maiden,
until i turn one hundred and ten,
but if i have to go afore then,
i hope she takes me sweetly, tenderly, hence, to the place i shall face, my final final place of rest.

-Paul Ferguson