Hey There! This is where I spew my personal opinions of anime, manga, music or anything else I've seen or heard. I try to be objective, but it really boils down to what I think of the plot, animation, theme, etc.

Feel free to comment, or suggest things to me. If I haven't heard of it, I probably like to. Other then that,

DURARARA!: Closing Theme

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A new way to think of mutants

I basically started watching this anime because EVERYONE at anime club was talking about it. When I first heard “Elfen Lied” I thought of elves, like Santa’s little minions, or maybe the tree-dwellers from “Lord of the Ring...

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My New Favorite Band

Well, Skillet has been my favorite band for a long time, but they have recently been replaced by The Letter Black. I stood outside for three hours in the blazing hot sun and ruined my skin for weeks to come, just to see them live. I wear their T-s...

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All the Big Ones

Ok, I normally avoid watching, or reviewing popular animes in America. However, I have been subjected to several, and even liked one, so I'm just going to talk about the all at once and give my opinions. First, of all, just so you know wha...

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Gun, Boobs, and Zombies

Do you like blood, gore, and violence? Do you like hot women? Do you like high-power rifles? If you are male, the answer to all three of these is probably yes. But, even if you're a girl, and you answered yes to any of these, I have a great anime for you.

Highschool of the Dead shows one likely way the zombie apocalypse will go down. Naturally, the whole world changes. Women have to fight for their lives. So, the smart ones, the ones with an once of sense (and typically HUGE breasts and glasses) slit their skirts, grab some guns, or whatever other weapon they can fight, and fight alongside the men (most of whom have nosebleeds by this point).

Now, the animation style on this is really nice, detailed without being gritty, and smooth where it counts. Although it does play up the fanservice (at once point four women are all bathing together and feeling each other up) it also has a lot of real intense fight scenes, and the group dynamics of the characters are amazing. Also, they do manage to maintain a plot. Its hilarious even in a testosterone filled way.

Furuba: Anime vs Manga

Looks like I haven't reviewed a manga in quite some time. so, here is one for you guys. Now, I have not read all of the manga, but I have read past where the anime stops. This will be a comparison strictly of the anime, and the manga direc...

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