This world is for me to post stories and profiles for my ocs. Hope you like my stories.

Table of Contents


*Aizawa's Nightmare (Short)

*Nen Kuro

*Nen Kuro Christmas (Short)

*Nen Kuro Halloween (Short)

*Crimson Red (Short)

*Ai Angel (On Standby)

*In The World Of Pokémon

*The Price of Freedom

*The Price of Freedom Part 2

Original Characters

Characters I created to use here in my writings. I will also post ones I made for RPs I have done. Gonna try to go in order as well as I can remember. Name: Vara Originally for: Pokémon Gijinka Revolution Pokém...

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*note all passages written from Trinity, Yami, and Alexandor's point of view are written by iamEssence. This is a collaboration story about our ocs from my RP 'The Other Side.' It is basically the RP but with just our ocs b...

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Price of Freedom 2

~Part one was about Yuki and Haruko. This story focuses on Meeko their 3rd born, and how his life ended up.~ The first memory I have is my mother's scent. I...

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The Price of Freedom

~This is a prequel story about Meeko's parents. Meeko is an OC I am using in the RP 'The Call of Freedom'. Anyway I hope yinz like it. I was gonna do Meeko's story about his life with Alice...but earlier today I had this story pop into my head. I ...

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In the World of Pokemon

Some short stories about pokemon characters I have made over the last few months. ~Opposites Attract~ Being a gastly isn't as cracked up as others make it seem. First off, no matter how hard you try other p...

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