Chocolate Cornets

I had too much chocolate left over from Halloween, so I decided to make some chocolate cornets with them. :D For those who don't know what chocolate cornets are, if you'd watched Lucky Star, you probably know what I mean:

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(From scene when Konata was wondering whether to eat a cornet from the top or bottom of the cone.)

It took a lot of time, preparing the dough, waiting for it to rise, etc. But the chocolate custard that goes inside the bread made was totally worth it! They were all really delicious, and the custard was extremely smooth. Because I had put leftover Crunch candies, the custard had a few parts where the "rice" created interesting textures that made the custard better. :) If you guys want the recipe, I had gotten it from this video.

I made my cornets much smaller than the ones in the video, though, and they tasted just as good and delicious! :DD

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