If you're someone who reads manga often, you probably know that feeling when you feel like you've read all the great mangas and is now crying in the corner pretending to be a crying carrot because all you're left with are the worse ones that don't reach your standard. xDD

Anyways, recently I FOUND THIS NEW, AMAZING MANGA. And reasons I love it are:
1. It's not really popular yet, so I haven't found it until now, so I never read it before.
2. The drawings are BEAUTIFUL
3. The characters are all easily distinguishable
4. The names are easily able to be told apart.
5. Although there is magic involved, it's not to the degree that it becomes stupid
6. The main girl holds a secret.

WAAAAA *cries tears of happiness* After so long of dying without mangas, I've finally come upon this! Oh, I forgot to mention the name. It's "Siesta":
External Image

One page from manga:
External Image

Isn't the art just beautiful? :D Although it has many of the genres I greatly dislike, I just love how the genres all blend in greatly in here! I definitely recommend it to ANYONE who likes ANY of the following genres:
Action, Comedy, Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural

It's Korean manhwa, but it's exactly like a manga. Only difference? The direction you need to read it in. Anyways- please try it out! :D