Voice Meme! :D

Angel Satina reminded me of how I've never done a meme before, so I decided I should make one! >:D

I still have questions from last time, when I asked for it, but then cancelled it, because there weren't enough questions. Anyways, here are those questions:

Twilight samurai:
How did you come across theOtaku?

>Can you say your name (Username) backwords?
>Scariest thing taht has ever happened in your life?
>Food or art?
>What do you think of me? :3
>Cute or fluffy things?
>What is the longest word you know how to spell or say?
>How many languages can you speak?
>Your house is on fire, what are 3 things you would grab before you run outside?

- Beside Anime what is your favorite pass time?
- If you could go anywhere in the world where and why would that be?
- What is something you think would be awesome to do but scared to try?
- You think there is other life in the universe?
- You play video games? If so which is your favorite game of all times?
- Do you like teddy bears?

Twilight, Tinkerer, and Itachi, you guys can ask more questions if you'd like. :3

As for everyone else, feel free to ask me questions! I'll answer probably like 5 questions from everyone. xD

Soo....ask away!

- Potatoes or rice?
- In your opinion, what is the most valuable asset in a soulmate?
- If Charles Dickens were alive today and wasn't an author, what profession do you think he'd have instead?
- What kind of music would you annihilate from the face of the Earth?
- Why doesn't the grass curl? Why does it grow straight up?

Angel Satina
Cat or dog?
Whats your opinion about me?
Which anime char do you like to meet? And why?
If you were given a free ticket to travel anyhere where would you go first?
Icecream or milkshake?