Taking Requests!

As a celebration for the Chinese New Year, I'll be taking requests from anyone who'd like something from me! Just comment on this post.

How it's going to work:
I will do the first 15 requests (one for each day of the new year!). You don't need to be a subscriber or know me well if you'd like something from me!

To request something, please use this form-thingy:
Your username
Type: wallpaper/e-card
Theme: (ex.: colorful, cheerful, end of the world, bravery, new year, etc.)*
A special message that you'd like to request: optional
Any manga/anime you'd like to base it off of: optional

*other than "colorful", I won't take any requests related to colors- in other words, if you want a wallpaper to be mainly purple, sorry, but it'll take me to long if I have to search for a scan in a specific color......

You may request something until Feb. 3. One request per person, please!

Request 1 [x]:
Username: ElementalNinja
Type: E-card
Theme: Anything dark, gothic or happy would be fine.
Anime/Manga/Video Game: BlazBlue (It's a video game)
Request 2:
Type: Wallie or ecard, either is fine!
Theme: inspirational (is that ok?)
Any inspirational message
Any manga/anime, whatever scan you find that matches the quote^^
Request 3:
Username: Hanako Sho
Type: Wallpaper
Theme: bright and colorful
Anime/manga Katekyo Hitman Reborn (i'd like Hibari or Tsuna moar :D)
Request 4:
Type: wallpaper
Theme: cheerful, shiny, sunny.^^
Anime: Bleach
Request 5:
Colourful, or mysterious
Any message
Any anime
Request 6:
Type: Wallpaper
Theme:colorful, mysterious
Any Message
Anime: Trinity Blood (Preferably Fr. Abel Nightroad themed)
Request 7:
Colorful Cheerful Something that makes you smile lol
Request 8:
anime is Naruto, Dragonballz, Evangelion
Request 9:
Type: Wallpaper
Theme: Musical
I do not care about the message or the anime/manga go crazy :D
Request 10:
Username : ermelinda
Type : wallpaper
Theme : end of the world
Anime : X-clamp
Request 11:
Lemontiger chan
Happy is the solution.
Request 12:
Username: twilight samurai
Type: wallpaper
Theme: colorful, cheerful
A special message that you'd like to request: not necessary unless you come up with something!
Any manga/anime you'd like to base it off of: Eureka 7, Birdy the Mighty Decode if possible - if you can't find suitable images, then just do whatever your heart desires. :)