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Welcome to my world, everyone!

Let me introduce myself. *bow* I have a secret crush on....myself. JK I love myself, but not so much that I become a narcissus. xD

I am a high school student, who has a tendency to constantly fall asleep in class. And when not sleeping, playing on my itouch. My teachers don't mind as I am one of the top students in all my classes. :D I hope it stays that way when I start being able to take AP classes next year!

I love making wallpapers/ecards. Anything digital and not related to me having to draw. My drawings usually end in disasters. >.>

That's about all I can say for myself. :P Anyways, enjoy your time here!

Almost school~

School's starting soon! (omg, alliteration xD)

I'm nervous, yet excited at the same time. Mostly nervous since many of my classes are different from my friends, and that I'll be starting AP classes soon!

Oh, and yes, I haven't even started a lot of my homework. /shot'd

Challenge Ending Soon!

My challenge is about to end soon! Those of you who were planning to enter, but forgot, you've still got about 6 days to enter! (oh, and typography style 2 is lacking in a good amount of entries... just a hint *wink wink*)

Remember, those of you who are helping me judge aren't allowed to enter! And for those who know you aren't going to enter, you can still offer to help me judge! Just make sure to let me know by commenting about it or something! ^^

I've finally figured out a way to have you all vote! It's REALLY COOL. :D I was originally going to use Google Doc's forms, but those don't allow images, so I decided to take a step further and....OHOHOHOHOHO. You guys will see later on. :3 I'm not telling you guys yet how it will work, for I'm still waiting for any last minute entries so I can update what I've created. Trust me, it's pretty awesome. xD I wasted probably 3 hours working on it. :P

Right now, the people who I have are helping me judge are:
- yumei hearts u
- MangaKid
- Moka
- axelchaos16
- LightFykki
- Amestar
- Felcie (judging style 2 only)

It'd be great if anyone else can help me judge~~ ;)


I found this random wooden circle at home, so I decided to make a dreamcatcher! It was my first time, so it's a bit messed up, but I'm still proud of it. :3

There are no feathers, though, lol. I hardly have any craft supplies. xD

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Image Scan Sites?

As many of you know, my parents have blocked tons of websites on my computer, so I usually have to wait for that one-day-a-week chance of going to the library, WHERE I CAN GO ON MINITOKYO :D

But, it sucks having to wait until THAT ONE FATEFUL DAY, so I was wondering if any of you guys may know some other sites where I can get scans for my wallpapers/ecards/etc.?

Some sites I already know (but are all blocked):
- animepaper
- zerochan
- minitokyo

Help me judge?

Hey ya'll~!

So, my challenge >Typography Madness< is about to end....in like, 12 days....xD

Basically, THERE ARE WAYY TOO MANY AMAZING ENTRIES. I really need help judging them. :P I'll need about 3-6 people helping me out. If you don't mind helping me judge, please leave a comment or something!

If you have entered the challenge, you can't be a judge. Sorry. ^^

Current Guest Judges:
- yumei hearts u
- MangaKid
- Moka
- axelchaos16
- LightFykki
- Amestar