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Welcome to my world, everyone!

Let me introduce myself. *bow* I have a secret crush on....myself. JK I love myself, but not so much that I become a narcissus. xD

I am a high school student, who has a tendency to constantly fall asleep in class. And when not sleeping, playing on my itouch. My teachers don't mind as I am one of the top students in all my classes. :D I hope it stays that way when I start being able to take AP classes next year!

I love making wallpapers/ecards. Anything digital and not related to me having to draw. My drawings usually end in disasters. >.>

That's about all I can say for myself. :P Anyways, enjoy your time here!

Asu no Yoichi

Have any of you guys watched this anime? Sure, there's a few parts where the girls show a tiny bit extra skin/the boobs are wayyyyyyy too large to be real, but the plot is really good, and it should be fine for like.....10+ ages! The samurai dude is awesome, the fighting is interesting. No blood, funny parts, interesting plot, you guys should check it out!

Here's the opening for the anime in case any of you want to see a "preview" of the anime:

First Post!

I wanted to try posting my first post on here! Woo!

How many of you guys have read S.L.H.? It's a pretty good manga, and the drawings are just BEAUTIFUL. If this world wasn't called "Meatbun World", I would post the picture below as the background, but oh well.

Oh, btw, just a small fact. That picture is the background of my Youtube channel. xDD