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Welcome to my world, everyone!

Let me introduce myself. *bow* I have a secret crush on....myself. JK I love myself, but not so much that I become a narcissus. xD

I am a high school student, who has a tendency to constantly fall asleep in class. And when not sleeping, playing on my itouch. My teachers don't mind as I am one of the top students in all my classes. :D I hope it stays that way when I start being able to take AP classes next year!

I love making wallpapers/ecards. Anything digital and not related to me having to draw. My drawings usually end in disasters. >.>

That's about all I can say for myself. :P Anyways, enjoy your time here!


So I'm back from Yosemite, Sequoia, Stanford, and UCLA! Super glad I survived, because the roads were just HORRIBLE at Yosemite and Sequoia, so I got carsick tons of times.

I drew a picture at Yosemite, and I hope I can post it up after I try digitally coloring it. There's another picture I worked on last night at a hotel, and I hope I can complete it, learn how to do layers on GIMP, and then post it up!


I'm going to Yosemite starting today, and coming back on Tuesday. I hope I still get sketch some pictures over there!

So, I won't be posting any pictures or coloring....so sad :((

ill miss all of you guys~~~~~~~


I've finally finished the picture I mentioned about before! I'm thinking about turning it into a card, but I'm not sure.

It's a little girl chibi dressed as a kitten!

First Time~~!

I'm trying for the first time today to color using the computer.
I've downloaded Gimp onto my Macbook Pro, only to realize I dont have a bamboo tablet! So now, I'm going to draw just by using my multitouch thingy mabober (it's not a mouse or a keyboard, so I forgot what it's called.)

I'm thinking, how do you color in the eyes? There are still so much for me to learn! But I guess it'll be the same as drawing manga for the first time. You start off kinda bad, but you eventually get bettter and better! Woo~~~ so I'm going to keep my spirits up!!!


Do you guys ever have the fear that you are going to run out of good mangas? You've read all the popular ones in the categories that you like, you've even tried out some that aren't what you like. You've read some plenty of times, and then suddenly, one day, you realize you can't find any good mangas that suit your taste anymore.

Only to be saved one day by just one manga. Then, you finish that and you get the fear again.

To be saved by another manga. Then this continues on, forever and ever..........I have this phobia, anyone else?