Hey welcome to my world! My name is Kisa and it is very
nice to meet you! ^-^ Well, since you are here, let me tell
you a little about myself. My name is Kisa and I am 18 years
old and about to start my first year at Southern Oregon University
and study journalism and theatre with an emphasis on direction
and production. » ♪ ♪ ♫ •

I have been a part of this site for three years and have
had the great opportunity to make friends and share my creations with
this world. I am kinda behind the scenes right now, but I used to be
a well-known card maker and have recently started venturing into some
line art and wallpapers. Sometimes life and school get in the way of
creating, but I try to put out as much artwork as possible. If you
have any suggestions or requests please feel free to contact me,
because I love to improve my art as well as create for you, my
fans and friends!

« « ♫ Well that is me in a nutshell, feel free to stick around
here or contact me to learn more about me or get to
know me! I am always ready to chat and make new
friends and meet new artists!
}i{ Kisa


There isn't really anything interesting I can say tonight, just catching up on some anime and started watching Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles within the last few days. Winter break it always so slow and there is nothing to do concerning school, so sometimes I find it hard to keep myself motivated and not completely useless. ^-^

But I have ample time to write and spend more time creatively than I have in months so, I am thankful for that. Hence, my two new cards that I put out tonight! I didn't realize how much I missed making cards, but I am starting to feel the pull to create them again.

Anyway, it is again past midnight and I am not nearly done being creative, so I wish you all a farewell and goodnight! If you have any suggestions for artwork or anything please feel free to bring it up, maybe it will help with the motivation. ^_-

Wishing you well,
}i{ Kisa

Recent Cards:
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