*Finger wave* Hello everyone! The name's Mashiro Kuna, former Lieutenant of Squad 9 and currently a with our renegade group of vizards! And I'm partnered with Kensei... the dummy... after all these years, I'm still stuck with him! *Pouts* Darn... Oh well, welcome to my world! :)

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I'll try and post every now and then :) But no promises *chuckles* KIDDING! I'll be on here often :) So don't you worry! Mashiro is here, and she's serious about this! *Nods* I'm off to bother Kensei! :) Bye~


I have nothing to say... but I need to say SOMETHING. x____x

Wh... wh...?!

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Wh... wh... where. Are. My. GOGGLES?! ;-; Wiggles is sad now!

Where is he?

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Has anyone seen Kensei?

Mashiro Kuna, Wiggles

The Past

Hmmmm... if you look at us... we really haven't changed much have we?

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Yeah... the dummy is still running on one brain cell... not much as changed.


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Oooooooooo~ Look at Dummy Kensei trying to look all toughhhhh... he's not foolin anyone~