Second Day

Dear Journal,

It's now... my... I don't know how many days I've been on now, but I do know, that on my second day... Wiggles got hurt ;~; Wiggles fell down some stairs and hurt her bum... and Kensei didn't help at all! He let me run headfirst into a tree, and I landed on my bum again... it huuuuuuuuuurt... So now I must bug Kensei 5 times more than usual *nods* I shall avenge my bum! *Clenches fist*

And also on my second day, I met Momo! She's a nice lady, she's the Lieutenant of Squad 5! :) I have fun talking to her, well... that's all for today Journal!


First Day~

Dear Journal,

'My first day on this site was quite interesting! I met a very angry kitty, I learned just recently that he is an Espada! Oh noes~! And, it is possible that I made him... slightly angry :~) but I heard it's kind of normal for him to be an angry pussy cat.

'Also, I decided to visit the "community chat" yesterday and I saw Kensei! :~D He's such a dummy, but he didn't try to kill me... He's so funny when he does that ^~^ Because he doesn't ever actually kill me! :~) And also, I found a picture with my hand in my shihakusho, so I'm guessing Kensei was just being a pervert and took a picture of it. Does he have no shame?! *Groans* I wonder if he's done it lately! D~: I'm going to go check, BYE BYE!'

~Mashiro Kuna, Wiggles