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Canada:My home and native land.
A tad nippy sometimes, but the health care compensates.

Wolves: They are smarter, faster, stronger, more endurable and basically better than dogs in everyway. In the many books on wolves that I have read, the 1500 pound per square inch biting power of a wolf has been described as twice that of a german sheperd.

Wolves pwn.

Although it is true that they are ruthless, and may even enjoy killing, they kill solely for their survival.

Terribly misunderstood creatures, they have been hunted to extinction in many places. The last wolf in Scotland was shot in 1680. But there is hope: To learn more about reintroducing wolves to the Scottish highlands, go to

It's what brings us altogether, isn't it?

Naruto: Awesome, kickass jutsus and demons.
Gaara pwns.
Kankuro pwns.
Kiba pwns.
The Akatsuki pwn.

Bleach: Gimme one of dem Zanpakuto!
Ichigo pwns.
Kenpachi Zaraki is extremely overpowered, and the master of pwnage and the god of overkill. so, yeah, he overpwns.

Oh why ohwhy did they take you off YTV!?!?!?
Inuyasha pwns.
Sesshomaru pwns.
Koga high speeds!

Death Note
They replaced Inuyasha for you!?!?!
Well, it's not bad, an intense psychological thriller.
The Deathnote pwns.

I love computers.
They're great for playing videogames and designing drawings!
Now, by drawings, I could be referring to AutoCAD drawings or those Paint drawings I submit to this website. I'll probably use the AutoCAD When I grow up and become a mechatronic engineer.
Computers pwn.

Martial arts:
I have trained for many years in Shotokan Karate Do. I have achieved 4th dan which you mortals may know as blue belt. So remember, say whatever you want, but I could probably kick your ass in real life.
I pwn.


do I have to say more?

Elk Burgers

Hello again everyone. As promised, I am informing you all of the taste of elk burgers.

It's very much like the smell: intense, strong and sharp. While it's appearance could easily pass for beef, it's unmistakably it's own flavor. There's a piece of the flavor I don't like, but I suppose it's something I could easily get used to if I ate it everyday.

Now, I know it would sound dumb for me to say that this would probably be great with ketchup, because you can say that about pretty much anything. Instead let me see that ketchup would go better with it than it would any other meat. Of course, I'm just speculating. I don't actually know. A long list of allergies to various foods from consuming ketchup in any quantity.

Next week's muskox weekend.

Camel Burgers

Remember that ridiculously long list of animals I wanted to eat before I died? Well, today, it got shortened.

For my birthday (Sept 22) I have obtained 3 exotic meats in the form of hamburgers. The 3 exotic meats are camel, elk and muskox. Today and tomorrow make up camel burger weekend. So, I figured I should be a nice guy and tell you all what camels taste like.

Not like much, actually. I could barely pick out any flavor whatsoever. But one thing I could taste was the high fat content (the humps on a camel's back are full of fat, not water) I shouldn't have been surprised; they really greased up the frying pan. I think tomorrow I will barbecue it so there will be less fat in it. Perhaps then I can tell you more of its actual flavor.

Scratch that. Camel doesn't have much of a flavor, even when you do get rid of all the fat.

I suspect the lighter a meat is in it's raw form, the higher the fat content. The muskox burgers (which I am saving for last) are even lighter than the camel, indicating a higher fat content. It makes sense, of course. Muskox are arctic beasts. They need all the insulation they can get. The elk burgers, on the other hand, are a very dark red. They probably have a low fat content. I'll be eating them next weekend, and I'll you the flavor of both when I'm done eating.

Say, I wonder if this could get published......

The Magic Carpet Incident (as well as the Volcano Barbeque Chip Incident and the Hornet Face Inciden

This is supposed to be between Jiraiya’s death and Naruto’s departure for Sage training. Forgive me if you can’t tell that, but writing descriptions for clothing takes too much time. Hurriedly, Kiba and Akamaru da...

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Making Better OCs the Third: Balancing Weakness and Overpower

I’m the notorious Marcus Wolfe. Well, perhaps I am not notorious, but you’ve probably heard of me. First, I would like to apologize in advance to anyone who feels degraded while reading this. I don’t really mean to hurt anybody&r...

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Ulf: A Drabble

Title: More of an introduction
Series: Think Conan the Barbarian, but in the Ice Age
Characters: See series
Length: Exactly 100 words.....

Lo, and behold! Behold the years in which great icebergs expand their reign, swallowing all of Europe and North America, ruthlessly claiming the Northern seas! While man lived, he was scattered throughout the chilling mountains and the freezing, desolate wastelands, fighting for his survival against the most incredible beasts of your imagination! Hence came forth the mighty Ulf, axe in hand, hunter, warrior, conqueror, suitor of many women and slayer of magic men! A man of great height and build, he was destined to crush kings and trample the thrones of the kingdoms of man beneath his big hairy feet……