Hello fellow Otakus. If you love reading manga, you probably will love reading Manhwa. Manhwa is manga from Korea.There are many pblishers that publish them in English. For example, Tokyopop, Dark Horse comics,etc. I know some of you don't read manhwa, but i do! For more info on Manhwa,go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manhwaand you'll understand what I mean.

March Story

I wish Viz Media would license more korean comics like "March Story". :D

Jack Frost in Yen Plus Magazine

Yen Press has already licensed Jack Frost in 2008 and is now available in any bookstores. I hope to continue reading this Manhwa in the magazine.

Bride of the Water God volume 2.

I finally got volume two of Bride of the Water God. It took sooooo long for me to wait and get it.The creator is a nice korean lady and you can see pictures of her only in volume two.


The anime version is definantly better than the manhwa version. It's avilable on DVD from Funimation. Go to the official website: funimation.com/ragnarok and the manga version is available from Tokyopop.

Udon Entertainment's Manhwa

Udon Entertainments started to have their Manhwa manga line since 2007 and it's starting to go really well. For those of you who don't know what manhwa is, it's a korean comic. Go to www.udonentertainment.com an click on "manhwa blog" to read for any new releases.