Artist Name?

Heyo guys!

Wassup?? :D
I'm busy with school, but I've been trying to draw from time to time!

I was wondering what you guys thought of artist names? I was thinking of making one for myself, but debating on that (maybe I should continue to use my real name?). An artist name sounds cool though >3<

Let me know your thoughts!! :D

WIP Levi

I was bored, and drew this :D
It's rough, and I doubt I'll finish it, but I wanted to post it ^^

First Video :)

Hey guys!

This is my first cover for the ending song on Ouran (Shissou by Last Alliance). My microphone isn't the best, but I tried xD It took a few hours because I had to go back and add some harmonization to some parts, as well as some cover to make it stronger. I sang it in English [Full] for the first time...might try it Japanese next~

I'd really appreciate it if you could listen to it (even a bit xD) and leave a comment! It's one way we artists grow :)

If you have a recommendation of what to sing next, leave a comment on that as well ^O^

Take care!<3

WIP Link's Face

WIP of a Link Poster :)

Urgh. Spent so much time on the hair and skin tones so far, and still have some more details to add. Leave a comment if you can (of this, or anything random)! :)

I'll probably take this post down soon so that my sister (who the poster is for) doesn't see it before her birthday xD

Need your help! :)

Heyo guys!

I need your help! If you could spare the time, could you choose your favourite top 3 sounding/meaningful words from the list below? It would really help me on a project I'm working on ^^


Thank you very much in advance!! :D
Take care~