Mangaka: CLAMP
Genre: fantasy

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Summary: "Kudoh Shuuichiroh, a 28-year-old surgeon of cool demeanor and unflappable poise, discovers what appears to be a child caught on a tree branch. A crow mercilessly pecks at the unfortunate little one until Shuuichiroh comes to the rescue. The "child" turns out to be a winged angel named Kohaku (Amber) who relentlessly thanks Shuuichiroh by offering to grant any wish."

Review: "This is not one of CLAMP's great epics, and it was never intended as such. Instead, it's a light-hearted character sketch with some dramatic interludes. If your tolerance for cuteness is low, this manga may not be for you. If you're looking for a CLAMP manga that appeals with a winsome cast and gentle storytelling, though, WISH may be the one for you."

My review: When does CLAMP ever disappoint? An incredibly cute, short series. But naturally CLAMP gives the conclusion a tragic and sweet twist. A definite CLAMP classic. Surprising it's so unheard of compared to their other works.