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Mangaka: Tow Nakazaki
Genre: Action, adventure, comedy, western

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Summary: Mingchao, a Chinese youth and orphan in posession of the mysterious (and sought after) Eto gun, travels through the "Old West" with the hope of gaining glory and fame. She rapidly joins with a suspicious priest, Baskerville, and together they head for Hollywood. Throughout their journey they are harassed by tricksters and bandits. Mingchao's only memory of her late grandfather, one Eto gun, appears to be on the minds of the troublemakers and supposedly gives significant power to the one that controls it.

"A little chinese girl named Mingchao dreams of becoming a hollywood star in an alternate version of the wild west. To do so, she leaves her home, protected only by the priest Baskerville who she meets along the way, and her Eto gun, a weapon the requires the essence of zodiac animals to shoot unstoppable animal bullets."

Review: "The good: It's fun, it's actiony, the protaganist is a pacifist who fights. It has a familiar plot with lots of fun twists. It's good for getting younger people into accuracy since it has...not a lot of it. There are bad guys that make you feel as if you were watching a wild west movie, and pretty girls, and lots of plot.

The bad: It seems to end to quickly and too easily. The bad guys get defeated way too easily. The protaganist's naviette can quickly wear on one's nerves.

Overall: Funny, fun and interesting. I love it. I wish it didn't end so abruptly and generically. I feel that if it were stretched though, it'd be annoying and boring."

My review: It really is a fun, upbeat series, reminiscent of Trigun. As well as the storyline and characters, the art style is original too- and not in a bad way at all.