Don't you just love reading manga.
I know I do so I've decided to make a world composed of funny clippings from different mangas.

If you wanna post up a manga clipping here, just PM me so that I can add you as a guest user.

See ya round!!!

what the...

This just proves how hilariously narcissistic tamaki is... LOL

unwavering determination

Never thought that determination could look so funny... ^^ ...

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haruhi is a girl

enjoy! ...

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100 customers!

Here is another funny clip from Ouran High School Host Club (if you like shoujo manga). source: onemanga.com ...

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tamaki and haruhi

I really love tamaki and haruhi from ouran high school host club. Tamaki is a bit of an idiot and he tends to over exaggerate things like thinking that haruhi is too poor. He really is quite funny. Hope you enjoy this one. ...

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