Hi I'm Josh and i'm Mewmewlover55's (Rachel's) little brother.

I'm a beginner at drawing but i hope to get really good and maybe learn how to draw anime like my sister.

I hope to make friends and meet new people

I also have an account on sheezyart but i dont use it:

I hope this website is a lot of fun!



Sry I havent been on lately I have been doing other things :[ and stuff.


Sorry Everyone

Sorry everyone, due to being really busy in making a movie for something
i havent been on lately
by the end of the week i most likely will be bak and up drawing again even tho i leave for camp on this monday D: ill miss u guys then
But wen i get back from camp i promise ill be up and drawing :D


Sorry For the Misunderstanding

Sorry for the misunderstanding
The Bunny Won
Thanks for the entrys
Prizes will be given soon


Contest, And The Winner Is...

im sorry that if u hav a time difference but its only 8:51 pm here lol
AND THE WINNER IS................

Congragulations on winning i thought ur cat was amazing
For the others who entered dont get mad that u didnt win or anything
First of all there werent even a lot of entry O_O D:
Dont Feel Bad

The Prize Will Be Thought Of Dont Worry You Will Get a Prize :D

Thankyou for all who participated
Well i dont wana make u guys feel bad but:
Since i cant push bak rite now to see the names of the other 2 who entered i will say this
It was close between the cat and the lion
The cat reminded me of this movie which i forgot the name of D:
And the Lion Reminded me of The Lion Kind
but it was really close with u guys but i thought
The Cat wuld be scnd place
And the Lion wuld be third
Dont feel bad if u do cuz only 3 ppl entered
I will mabye hav another contest once i draw some more and get some more subscribers
i had 16 now i only hav 15 or some reason O_O watever

Well, congratulations chokolatealkemist :D



Contest,[this doesnt tell the winner]

u guys i will only be having a 1 place winner due to the lack of participants so i dont affend ny 3rd placer or sometin
There will be 1 winner :D
ill do constillantion prizes just for enterin for the ppl who dont win mabyahhhh ill think about it
Tellin the Results Soon
Get Ready
~Good Luck~