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First two days of college complete!

Hello hello hellooooo everyone! I've successfully survived my first two days of college, and I must say I'm extremely excited for this year! So far everything seems to be going well, and I can't wait to start taking classes that are geared more to what I want to do in the future. Anyways, it's been a while since I've told you guys anything about my life so I'M JUST GOING TO LIST ALL MY CLASSES AND MY EXPERIENCES SO FAR.

Design I - Oh I am SOO pumped for this class. I interned under my professor for two school years, and he's such a chill guy and an awesome teacher. It's a great way to start off my week. Plus it totally surprised me that he cussed so much in class since he would always censor himself when I was at my internship (which is funny because YOU ALL KNOW I'M A DIRTY LITTLE POTTY POOPY MOUTH). Everyone in the class seemed pretty friendly too. We all said good morning to each other and introduced ourselves while waiting for the teacher, unlike my other classes where no one really wanted to talk to anyone haha. It's also interesting that about ⅔ of our class isn't even in the graphic design/fine arts field. We had a bunch of engineers in there, which makes sense I suppose. COLLEGE IS JUST STRANGE.

Art History I - This one will be interesting. At first I was a little intimidated by the length of the syllabus, but the teacher seems fun and pretty chill! Plus the way she talked about art and all the different artists she showed were really inspiring. I can't wait to see what I'll learn in that class.

Ceramics I - Okay, this is the only one I'm a little worried about, considering that I have NO KNOWLEDGE OF CERAMICS WHATSOEVER. If any of you guys know anything about ceramics, any advice? The professor tried explaining stuff, but he talked really slowly and quietly and with the Aircon and vents and stuff in the room I just got lost and confused ;n; But the saving grace of Ceramics is that I GOT A LOCKER WITH THE CUTEST GIRL IN CLASS OH YEAH. I mean seriously my first impression when I saw her was "Wow she's pretty." She asked me to be her locker buddy and she seems nice and yayyy I hope I made a friend.

Drawing I - Though I'm a little sad that we won't touch on drawing people until the end of the semester, it'll still be an awesome class because I'll be able to draw so so so so much! I'm so exited!! I'm hoping to get a lot of pieces to add to my portfolio and learn a lot more about traditional media! We'll be working on abstract pieces for the first four-ish weeks, and we'll be working with graphite, charcoal, and ink. Then the next four-ish weeks after that will deal more with realism and shading. I'm excited to be in such a relaxing environment and being able to draw so much. :)

US Government - Okay yeah, though I could've taken this in high school, I am so grateful that I'm taking it in college! The teacher seems super chill and super knowledgable and open minded. I feel like I'm going to learn a lot more and have a ton more fun in there. Plus, all the assignments are optional and there are so many extra credit opportunities, that from the looks of it, I won't be stressing over this class at all! I can't wait! :D

But yeah, those are my classes for this semester! I do plan on transferring to a bigger University next year, but I'm glad I decided to take it easy and get my basics done at my local community college. I've never felt this confident about school on the first week haha. Heck, last year my english teacher had three essays due the first week. XD (Though I'm eternally grateful for that class even though it was incredibly draining and stressful and soul breaking lol. The fact that I survived that class makes me feel like I can accomplish anything.) After taking Pre-AP, AP, and Dual Credit classes, it feels so good to not have 6 hours of homework every night (if I was lucky) and struggling to keep my sanity (Though, I'm glad I wasn't in IB. How in the world does one handle that.) I feel so much better that I finally get to learn things that I want to learn. Hopefully college continues to go well for me. :)

One last thing: as I mentioned before, I plan on transferring to another college, so I need to prepare my portfolio for my transfer application. There is NO limitations on content for my pieces, so I could literally draw anything. XD and you know me I'm like super controversial all the time for some reason. I worked on a lot of pieces that I haven't been able to show during high school because of content. There was one piece that I really wanted to use in an art show, but I had to work on it for like, an extra week because I had to censor the chest since it was a shirtless mermaid. ANYWAYS here are my questions if you happen to know the answer xD

1.) The main focus for the portfolio is that you demonstrate a willingness to experiment with different medias. I already have about 5-6 digital pieces demonstrating my digital painting skills and my graphic design skills. I'm pretty set for traditional dry media, but my biggest problem are the wet medias. In my art class last year, I did a small piece of a tree using water soluble pastels. I have gouache and a few acrylic paints at home, but I'm kinda intimidated. xD I was able to get a good deal on some acrylic and watercolor paper pads, so I was thinking I could get more opportunity to experiment with paints. Anyways, for those familiar with painting, what advice do you have? Do you know of any good tutorials or videos? Where should I start? Unfortunately, I couldn't take a painting class in college because there's a bunch of pre-requisites for the one at my college :( So I won't be able to take a professional class until I transfer.

2.) The only requirement of the portfolio is that it must have 4-5 observational drawings (drawn from life, no photograph). I just wanted to check, do you think contour drawings would count? I don't know if observational drawings necessarily need to be super realistic or anything. XD I'm also not sure if that's more considered of a sketch and not really portfolio worthy though.

3.) Any advice for college/transferring in general? I've checked all my classes with the transfer system for the university, so everything should transfer. :D

I love you all<3 I'll let you know how the rest of the year goes. :)
Thank you for reading!


P.S. SHAMELESS PROMOTION if you didn't hear, I finished chapter 1 of my manga Living in a Cloud! Also, if you would like to learn more about my manga, I posted a very informative post on the Living in a Cloud world discussing heart energy and Rei's heart blades. Thank you for all of the support<3<3<3

DHMIS Hum!Notebook (Paige) cosplay!

So my local con was fun! :) I got to attend a Q&A panel with Johnny Yong Bosch and listen to his band, Eyeshine~

-start rant-

Only downside was that while I was listening to the concert with my friend, some really weird creep guy just walked up really close to me and petted my head and walked away. Like what the hell?? I was looking at him trying to see if I knew him because he did look like someone I knew, but he had a Naruto headband and some hood so I couldn't really get a clear look at his face. What bothers me the most was that by the time I was at the concert I wasn't dressed up as Paige, I was in jeans, a half-sleeved t-shirt with the collar of the shirt going right to my collarbone, and my headless hat (Not saying that what you wear means you're "asking for it." No like wtf what kind of bullshit is that). I wasn't even dressed up and he still went up and touched me. :S

So yeah PSA what the actual fucking hell don't fucking touch people without their consent. I should've hit that guy or pushed him away as soon as he got as close as he did, but my friend and I were just so baffled by what was happening. Like what the actual fuck.

-end rant-

Anyways, cosplaying was fun, but I would not be able to wear face paint all day or whatever. XD I think I'll stick to my heartless hat when it comes to cosplaying. Plus in all the pictures I took with people, I realized that I don't know what in the world I'm doing when it comes to posing. xD

I hope everyone had a wonderful day! I love you all<3


The Creative Community is LIVE!

Hello everyone!

Thank you to everyone for their suggestions! I really appreciate it! :)

The Creative Community is a website that I've been working on for the past few months. I hope you consider joining! Please spread the word! If you would like to join, please message the Creative Community with your membership application.

Click here to view the Creative Community

Thank you everyone! :)

New Project! I need your help! (Update)

Hello everyone! It's been a while<3

Quick life update: I graduate high school next week! I'm still trying to let it sink in xD I plan on working on a lot of different projects this summer since I'll have a lot more time. That includes writing out the full script for Living in a Cloud and hopefully finishing Chapter 1 this summer! (I know I say that this year but I'm really determined this summer XD (which is what I always say every year too (in other words, no promises but I WILL TRY MY BEST xD)))

Though I want to submit here more, I decided that I should probably leave theO for my fan arts and any of my crazy art. I want to probably create a tumblr for any professional work that I want to share.

Speaking of tumblr, just in case you didn't know, here are my tumblrs:
semirealisticposts (personal blog)
semirealisticdraws (Art blog)
semirealisticrossing (AC:NL blog)

I post on my personal blog and my art blog the most. Unfortunately I haven't been able to play AC:NL lately b/c of AP tests, but now that it's finals week and I'm exempted, I can hopefully start playing regularly! :D

I'm also really tempted on starting a semirealisticvlogs channel on youtube once I move out of my parents' house (which will be in a little over a year. I'm going to a community college to finish my basics). I think it'd be fun. XD

Anyways, the real reason I'm posting is because soon I'll be revealing a project I've been working on for a couple of months (I started it back in August to be exact). It's sooooo close to being done, but I need to just do some house cleaning and finish the last few parts of it.

What I need from you guys: do you have any suggestions for art challenges? The challenges should focus on improving artists' skills and challenging their creativity. They should also be either broad enough for it to apply to several different media or specific enough to challenge people to work with an unfamiliar media.

UPDATE: The suggestions I've gotten so far have been awesome<3 Thank you so much! :) I have another request: What are some good youtubers/tumblrs/deviants/etc. that have a good collection of tutorials? I'm looking for collections of tutorials rather than individual tutorials. Does anyone know of good tutorials for making music, sculpting, 3D modeling, cooking/baking, etc? Thank you! :)

Any help would be awesome! Thank you to everyone! :)
Love you all<3 Have a wonderful day!

I'm 18!

Well guess who's an "adult" now. XD

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOUUUUU for all the birthday wishes! :D I tried replying to everyone on my portfolio, but I forgot that I can only do 6 comments in a row. XD Nonetheless, I love and appreciate all of you! Everyone's birthday wishes were super sweet, and I wish I could give all of you guys hugs! :D

I know that I haven't been very active here, but I've been working a lot of great art, which I'll upload soon hopefully :)

It's amazing that I've been on this site since I was 12 (yeah I was a rule breaker from the beginning XD). Everyone on this site is so supportive, friendly, and just pure awesome. :) I'm glad that such a great community has been a stepping stone in helping me grow as a person and gave me the confidence to pursue art.

I love you all<3 I hope you guys are having an amazing day. :)