Random story I still don't have a name for yet...

Many hunched figures, trudging through the snow.
Leaving foot prints, and hoping they won’t follow.
“RUN!” a female scream pierced the air. Chaos broke loose as people ran, screaming. Women and girls alike ran in all directions, trying to escape the soldiers.
A house exploded into flame, illuminating the scene; the females running in fear and desperation, and the males chasing and capturing them, putting them in chains and barred wagons. In the confusion some of the women where able to escape into the trees, running as fast as possible, never looking back, never slowing until they were ready to collapse.

A little girl stopped and called back,

“Mommy!” tears of fear streamed down her face. Her little purple dress was dirty and burnt in a few places, and her face had patches of dirt that covered her pale skin.

“No! Keep running! Mommy’s gone!” a woman ran back and grabbed the girl’s arm pulling her onward.

“Mommy!” the girl cried as she was pulled away her warm tears melting the snow as they hit.

The refugees finally had to stop, so they collapsed in the snow and huddled in groups. The little girl was crying in fetal position amongst the tangled roots of a tree, her shoulder shaking violently as tremors racked her small body. The girl looked up as she felt something cold and wet touch her cheek; it was snowing. She curled back up and a blanket of snow began to form over her, it soon covered her completely, keeping her body heat in.

The girl awoke with a start as she heard a lone scream pierce the air. She looked up and saw soldiers attacking their small party of refugees, blood was everywhere. Now they seemed to have no intention of capturing them, instead they where simply killing everyone. The girl curled up again and cried and cried, until all her tears ran dry. She would never forget or forgive this, ever.