Molestation (Yaoi warning)

"Ah!" A blond boy yelled as a blunette man straddled him. "Oh god...not again..." Deidara hugged himself and made his hair cover his neck.

"You think that's gonna help you?" Kisame taunted. Deidara shrunk back, into the couch as much as possible and whimpered slightly.

"Ah! No!" he exclaimed as the shark-man grabbed his wrists and pinned them to the couch. Kisame shifted so he could pin one of the blond boy's hands with his knee. He used his newly freed hand to move Deidara's hair back and expose his neck.

"No! Kisame, no!" The boy almost screamed, struggling. Said blunette man ignored him and began licking and nibbling at the other's exposed neck and ear, causing him to squirm. Deidara tried hard not to squeak or moan as the other's actions turned him on greatly.

"Stop, please! Kisam-Ow! Shit!" he said as Kisame used his sharp shark teeth to bite him which turned him on even more and blood began running down his shoulder, arm and chest.

"Why do you guys always do that?" he complained.

"'Cause it's fun." the shark-man murmured into the other's neck.

"O.k. You can stop now..." Deidara said in a hinting voice.

"Nah." Kisame smirked and groped the blond's crotch.

"Eep!" he squeaked. He grabbed the blunette's arm and tried to pull him away. "Your hand doesn't need to be down there!" he said semi-frantic and breathless.

"So?" Kisame began massaging.

"Oh god!" Deidara exclaimed. The shark-man's smirk widened. "P-please...stop." begged the blond but then moaned.

"Alright, I guess thats enough, for now." the blunette said as he got off the flustered boy. Who got up quickly and almost jogged out of the room. "Now for some real fun." Kisame grinned evilly as he followed Deidara.