Molestation (Yaoi warning)

"Ah!" A blond boy yelled as a blunette man straddled him. "Oh god...not again..." Deidara hugged himself and made his hair cover his neck.

"You think that's gonna help you?" Kisame taunted. Deidara shrunk back, into the couch as much as possible and whimpered slightly.

"Ah! No!" he exclaimed as the shark-man grabbed his wrists and pinned them to the couch. Kisame shifted so he could pin one of the blond boy's hands with his knee. He used his newly freed hand to move Deidara's hair back and expose his neck.

"No! Kisame, no!" The boy almost screamed, struggling. Said blunette man ignored him and began licking and nibbling at the other's exposed neck and ear, causing him to squirm. Deidara tried hard not to squeak or moan as the other's actions turned him on greatly.

"Stop, please! Kisam-Ow! Shit!" he said as Kisame used his sharp shark teeth to bite him which turned him on even more and blood began running down his shoulder, arm and chest.

"Why do you guys always do that?" he complained.

"'Cause it's fun." the shark-man murmured into the other's neck.

"O.k. You can stop now..." Deidara said in a hinting voice.

"Nah." Kisame smirked and groped the blond's crotch.

"Eep!" he squeaked. He grabbed the blunette's arm and tried to pull him away. "Your hand doesn't need to be down there!" he said semi-frantic and breathless.

"So?" Kisame began massaging.

"Oh god!" Deidara exclaimed. The shark-man's smirk widened. "P-please...stop." begged the blond but then moaned.

"Alright, I guess thats enough, for now." the blunette said as he got off the flustered boy. Who got up quickly and almost jogged out of the room. "Now for some real fun." Kisame grinned evilly as he followed Deidara.


Chapter 1 of RSISDHANFY

10 years later:
The darkness wrapped around the trees and ground like a serpent, hissing away from the moonlight as it shone down. The city wall stood firm and tall illuminated by it, creating a shadow onto the outside. Three sentries stood alert and watchful, atop the wall, all their senses ready for anything. A figure hid in the darkness of the trees, her dark grey dress and black cloak blending in with the shadows perfectly. She watched the men atop the wall and waited for the exact right moment, just when they were all looking away, she sped to the shadow of the wall and scaled it. She hopped over the top, and like a dark creature of the night, crept up behind one of the men and slit his throat. As his body fell limp she jumped down to the ground inside the wall.

The girl kept to the shadows, knowing the others would soon notice the body, luckily that was part of the plan; everything was going perfect, so far. She made her way to the center of the city; this city was huge compared to the last one she was in. The area she was in was the outskirts so it was crime infested and rundown, but as she continued in, the houses got bigger and more well-kept. She could now see the center of town, a giant tower; her target lived there. It was her job to infiltrate the building and assassinate the Captain of the guard, Matthew Deprosi. He was one of the bastards that had helped enslave all the women and girls of the kingdom. Her mother was among them.

There was no time to dwell on the past she needed to be in the moment alert and ready for anything. The assassin girl looked around, finding there was almost no one out. Every once in a great while she would see soldiers running by in a different street, but no one other than that. She made it to the center of the city, hiding in the shadow of the tower, as men rushed by, yelling commands in a panic. She laughed silently to herself, knowing they must have found the body.

The streets were not very busy even here in the center of the city, guess no one is out at this time of night. She could see a few large houses from where she was and a street filled with stores. There was nothing around the tower, except a broken wagon over in the moon light a ways away from her.

Turning around, the dark tower wall loomed before her: this was going to be difficult. The tower was about three times the width of any of the houses near by; it could easily have fit an entire two story house on one floor. Suddenly everything became dark in the wrong places and became blurry; she met the ground as her knees collapsed.

The teen came back to and looked around; she had only been out for a few seconds, which was good because if it had been much longer she might have gotten caught. She climbed the tower wall hoping desperately that she could hold till the top, where the window to his room was. Her body did not fail her as she reached a window and peeked in, her eyes widened at what she saw.

A gorgeous man, who looked to be in his mid-twenties, stood in the center of the room; wearing only his pants. He had short brown hair and a small beard that connected to his hair growing in, along with an amazing body. His body was muscular but not a body-builder, and he was tall, about 6 feet tall. She shook her head to clear it and slid into the room, making no sound at all.

She watched him carefully, to see what he was doing, which appeared to be nothing; he was just standing there, mostly turned away from her. Taking in the room she saw the room didn’t have much in it, just a bed, a dresser, a desk covered in papers and ink, and a set of drawers.

She crept in the shadows behind the furniture until she was completely behind him, hiding in the shadow of his dresser. She grabbed her dagger from its sheath and crept forward silently, until she was right behind him. She brought the dagger back ready to stab him, suddenly as the dagger came forward and should have made contact, he moved to the side and whirled around grabbing her arm and twisting it. She gasped in surprise and dropped the dagger, he glared at her and she twisted around, freeing herself. She stepped back and inquired

“Matthew Deprosi?” she made it sound like an accusation.

“And you are?” his eye brow cocked in a questioning expression.

“It does not matter. I’m going to kill you, and that’s all you need to know.” She glared at him.

“Is that so?” The captain had a cocky smile as he looked at her.

The girl growled and crouched spreading her hands above herself. Slowly the silverware, her dagger, and all metal in the room began to levitate. She grinned as his face fell into a concentrated scowl, he realized this was going to be more difficult then he originally thought. She waved her hands in a flourish and the metal all molded and shifted into blades, about 30 of them.

She straightened back up and smiled sadistically at him,

“Good bye, bastard.” She flicked her wrist lazily and the blades sliced through the air, straight at him.

The man twisted and turned, avoiding the majority of the blades, only receiving a cut on his cheek and a slice on his arm. Amersta growled in frustration, though on the inside was marveling at how amazing he was. Her blades turned back but he avoided them again, jumping and twisting as they flew towards and past him. He jumped back twisting around, then lunged at the girl. She gasped when he was suddenly in front of her, and groaned as his fist met her stomach. She staggered back, clutching her pained abdomen. Glaring, her red-brown eyes where slits of fury, her anger and pain at losing those she loved where all directed at the man before her.

With a snarl she lunged at him, her fist aiming to meet his neck, only to find herself suddenly kneeling on the ground with that arm twisted behind her. She flicked her free hand and the blades shot towards him, though he easily dodged them, it still meant he let go of her and so she was free once again. Her plan was failing, badly, and she wasn’t sure how to correct the problem.

“I have a quick question.” His tone was truly inquisitive, so she blinked and waited for him to continue. “Why do you want to kill me?” her jaw dropped slightly.

“Why? Why?! Because you are one of the bastards who helped put my mother in chains! You and your sadistic little buddies, took all the women hostage, making us do whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted! You helped give every one of the disgusting perverts in this kingdom a way to have sex with any girl anytime!” As she spoke her voice rose and tears of frustration peaked at the corners of her eyes.

Matthew realized then that this girl standing before him was just that, a girl. She couldn’t have been more than 17 years old, with beautiful brown hair that fell down to her lower back in slight waves and fair skin in contrast. She wasn’t slender or petite; she had a larger frame and strong muscles that gave her a bigger look. She had sparkling red-brown eyes, that looked like dark garnet when the light hit them just right.

Amersta’s anger grew and she blindly threw herself at him, knowing her magic was running low, she aimed a punch at him put at the last minute changed it to a kick to his side. He was ready to block the punch and caught off-guard by the kick, it hit him but did much less damage than she had hoped because he still dodged a little. He grabbed her foot and twisted it, forcing her into a very uncomfortable position, she cursed and struggled, but to no avail. She waved her hand and the blades flew toward him, but much slower than before; she was running out of strength. He was able to dodge them without letting go and grab her dagger as it went past him. He yanked her toward himself and brought the blade to her throat. The girl growled and struggled a little, until he pressed the blade hard enough to draw a bit of blood.

“Now what?” she asked, annoyed

“Now? We talk, like civilized human beings.” His voice was level and calm.


“A compromise, that you won’t kill me; I won’t kill or enslave you.” She attempted to glare at him, but that was a little difficult considering her position.

“Why would you want to even talk about that when you could just kill or enslave me right now and I could do nothing to stop you?” she growled.

“Maybe because I don’t want to kill or enslave you.” She gave a doubtful look. “I want you to live, but I also want to live, and I know if I let you go you will more likely than not try to kill me until you succeed.” His words made sense and so she decided to hear him out.

“O.k. What do you propose?” She was calming down now.

“I say: I let you go right now, and you swear, with an oath, that you will not try to kill me ever again.”

“…Fine.” She was pissed but it seemed this was the only way she would get out of this.

“O.k.” He let her go, and she stepped away from him, her eyes wary.

“How are we gonna do this?” She asked, no plans to do anything he said, moment she could, she was out of there.

“Well…” He turned slightly and got out some paper, a quill and ink. The moment he turned Amersta sprinted for the window and leapt out. He turned and ran to the window looking out just as her feet met the ground; she had slid down the wall.

A knock came from behind him and a creak as his door opened, “Sir?” his personal messenger asked timidly. “Sir? What are you looking at?” the boy came over to the window and looked where he saw Matthew looking. “Who is that sir?”

“That boy, is a beautiful, determined young girl. And she just tried to kill me.”

“W-what?!” the boy looked at him in shock.

“Yes… what was it you want to tell me?” he turned away from the window and picked up Amersta’s dagger that was still laying on the floor.

“Oh. Sir I was sent to tell you that the men at the east wall found one of them has had his throat slit.”

“Is that so?” Matthew asked calmly. “I have a feeling I know who did it.”

“Who sir?” the boy glanced out the window, “That girl?”

“Yes, I do believe it was her.” An enigmatic smile crossed the captain’s face as he contemplated the young assassin.

Random story I still don't have a name for yet...

Many hunched figures, trudging through the snow.
Leaving foot prints, and hoping they won’t follow.
“RUN!” a female scream pierced the air. Chaos broke loose as people ran, screaming. Women and girls alike ran in all directions, trying to escape the soldiers.
A house exploded into flame, illuminating the scene; the females running in fear and desperation, and the males chasing and capturing them, putting them in chains and barred wagons. In the confusion some of the women where able to escape into the trees, running as fast as possible, never looking back, never slowing until they were ready to collapse.

A little girl stopped and called back,

“Mommy!” tears of fear streamed down her face. Her little purple dress was dirty and burnt in a few places, and her face had patches of dirt that covered her pale skin.

“No! Keep running! Mommy’s gone!” a woman ran back and grabbed the girl’s arm pulling her onward.

“Mommy!” the girl cried as she was pulled away her warm tears melting the snow as they hit.

The refugees finally had to stop, so they collapsed in the snow and huddled in groups. The little girl was crying in fetal position amongst the tangled roots of a tree, her shoulder shaking violently as tremors racked her small body. The girl looked up as she felt something cold and wet touch her cheek; it was snowing. She curled back up and a blanket of snow began to form over her, it soon covered her completely, keeping her body heat in.

The girl awoke with a start as she heard a lone scream pierce the air. She looked up and saw soldiers attacking their small party of refugees, blood was everywhere. Now they seemed to have no intention of capturing them, instead they where simply killing everyone. The girl curled up again and cried and cried, until all her tears ran dry. She would never forget or forgive this, ever.