Light Vs. Darkness

Come with me, Human girl
To a world with no LIGHT
Take my hand and I’ll lead you
To a world without fear
Come with me to my world without emotion

Come with me, little girl
To a world with no DARKNESS
Fly with me to a world high above
To a world with endless love
With peace though out the land

A place with darkness is endless
A world that’s full of light
They came from their worlds
To take me away
Take my hand and lead me
To your world of endless LIGHT!!

I'm From King and Queen

I am from a family were heaven is hell
Where an 11 year old is supposedly king
And by his side the queen sister
With an attitude to mach the kings

I am from were happiness is rare
With queen and king around here
When they are here or near
Nothing but sadness appears

I am from where the word family
Is nothing but words put together,
We eat at the dinner table together
Ha… more like never

I am from where kids rule
Where parents went to be left alone

51 things about me

1.) Name: Elizabeth
2.) Age: 18
3.) Birthday: Jan. 24, 1991
4.) Birthplace: The Hospital (LoL)
5.) Location: Chaparral N, M
6.) Sign: Aquarius
7.) Have Kids: Nope_someday
8.) Relationship Status: Can’t Keep One
9.) Hair Color: Blond
10.) Height: 175
11.) Long Hair or Short Hair: short to the shoulders
12.) Religion: Chistin
13.) Ethnic Background: Glow in the dark White (LoL)
14.) Occupation:
15.) Pets: 1 genie- pig and 3 dogs that are mine
16.) Proudest Moment: Can’t remember
17.) Have a Website:
18.) Do You Smoke: Nope
19.) Do You Drink: Sometimes
20) Eye Color:Right dark blue the other dark green and they also change color's
21.) Tattoos: Nope ___ someday
22.) Overused Word:???
23.) Ever Done Drugs: Nope
24.) What Country would you like to visit:
25.) Ever Been In Love: I wouldn’t know
26.) Last Movie You Saw: The new fast and furies
27.) What Famous Person Would You Like To Meet: Never really gave it any thought
28.) Have Any Siblings: Only child
29.) Like To Camp: wouldn’t know ever went camping before
30.)Ever Broken A Bone: Nope but I have displaced
31.)Dream Job:
32.) Do You Live In a House or Apartment: House
33.) Favorite Sports Team:
34.) Favorite Music Genre: Rock
35.) Favorite Movie Genre: Scary
36.) Do You Believe In God: Yea duh!
37.) How Do You Like Your Eggs:
38.) Favorite Drink: Dr. Paper
39.) Worst Fears: Bee’s
40.) Foods You Hate:
41.) Favorite Flowers: Red and black Rose
42.) Do You Own A Cell phone: Yes
43.) Favorite Disney Movie:
44.) What Do You Hate: I hate ppl that judge others when they have no right to!
45.) Candy or Flowers: fake Flowers they last longer (lol)
46.) Morning Person or Night Owl: Both
47.) College Plans: Going to DACC then NMSU
48.) Do You Live With Either Of Your Parents: Mother
49) Are You Outgoing or Shy: It depends on what we are doing or wat we are talking about
50.) Is The Glass Half Empty or Half Full: I can be both….
51.) You’re Best Feature: No one knows the Feature if we did then nothing would be fun!