I Do This To Protect You...Pt.2

Hey! Second part, this part need revising too... Help?? :3

Shiro awoke in a tent wrapped in a thin, white coloured blanket. “Hmm...?” Shiro groaned as he slowly sat upright using his hands to prop him up. He was only wearing his black t-shirt and brown cargo shorts. Confused he looked over to the rest of his clothes thrown messily on the ground. With a jolt he looks at his hands. “Where are my gloves and wrap?!” He scanned the small pile of disgarded clothes and the tent and doesn’t see them. He doesn’t wish for his companions to see the mark, they still don’t know about the cursed magic, well, Zero didn’t at least, he wasn’t the brightest.

Shiro got up and stood on his shaky legs. “I-I can barely walk...” He gasps as the colour quickly drains from his face. “I need to find Ryo...” He began limping to the entrance of the tent, he looked through the flap and when he didn’t see any of his companions he began his slow walk to Ryo’s tent. It wasn’t very far but Shiro had no strength.

“SHIRO! THE HELL?!” A familiar, annoying voice yelled from behind him, it was Zero of course. Shiro went to turn and answer him but his legs failed him, he almost hit the ground yet again but was caught by someone.

“Huh...?” Is all he can muster from his limited strength.

Ryo was the one who had caught him. “Shiro, why are you out of your tent!?” Ryo stared at his friend and sighed, Ryo knew Shiro had almost no strength left and knew he wouldn’t get a proper answer. “Here...” He lifts Shiro over his shoulder, not receiving any protest.


The two boys were silent, Zero was already shooed off by Ryo, much and Thorn left after checking on him. Ryo let no expression show on his face, but Shiro could tell he was hurt.

“Are you this stupid?” Shiro flinched upon hearing the question, he swallows the bile rising in his throat and looks away from his best friend. Ryo stares at his companion with a blank expression, Shiro could, however, see the creases between his eyebrows, he knew his friend wasn’t happy with him. “You don’t answer me; do you not care how I feel?” His voice is more soft, but still harsh.

“I do not answer you... for I do not know what to say”. Shiro responds coldly as he lets a quiet sob escape his lips.

“Why not?”

“Because... I... I...” Shiro stumbled, not knowing what to say, he continued to fight off the tears, his heart was still hurt from the words Ryo and himself had exchanged.

“Shiro-“Ryo starts but is cut off by a weak sob from his friend. Ryo widens his eyes and watches his friend.

“Ryo please, stop it! I’m not stupid, I’m not selfish! I care about you more than you can imagine!” Shiro yells, while having a hard time breathing between his sobs and cries. “I’m weak! I admit it! I hide behind cursed power! But I do it because I don’t want to lose you! Please Ryo listen to me!” Ryo stares at his friend, still with a blank expression plastered on his face; he didn’t know what to say to his mess of a friend. “What you said, Ryo everything you say I take to heart! What you said yesterday, it still hurts me... I-I was unable to do anything, I could not stand, couldn’t do anything but sob, I was weak when you left me there! Please don’t leave me like that again... Please don’t be mad at me! Please, Ryo I need you!” Shiro finally couldn’t take it anymore, he finally broke down, unable to speak between his sobs. P-Please...” Is all he can sniffle between his cries.

“S-Shiro, I-“

“Stop it... Don’t look at me...” He says, covering his face. Instinctively, Ryo walks over and sits at the edge of the bed. “Please... Just go-“


“W-What...?” Shiro says, looking up at his friend. Ryo surveys his friend, Shiro’s eyes are red and slightly puffy, his cheeks are streaked with tears and his face is slightly more red but still pale. Ryo sighed.

“Shiro, I’m sorry for snapping at you so much. You just worry me, you do things that hurt you, and it pains me to see you suffer! Shiro I care about you!” Ryo says, raising his voice. Shiro lets out another weak sob and looks down at his hand. Then out of nowhere Ryo wraps his arms around Shiro and pulls him into a comforting hug. “Shiro, please, never leave me, I don’t know what I could do if you where to die... Promise me you won’t over exert yourself? Shiro, I care for you, I love you...” Ryo says calmly and softly. All Shiro can do is let out a slight whimper and bury his head in Ryos chest.