I Do This to Protect You...Pt.1 (Revise 1)

Revised version, I'm going to be posting another part of this, constructive critisism or comments are greatly appreciated! I really do want my writing to improve!

Shiro silently sat on a grassy hill away from the small party his friends were having, he claimed he was beginning to feel tired and that he was going to take his leave and sleep, however that was far from what he was actually going to do.

Shiro loved to read and gain knowledge, especially that of magic, however he didn’t learn magic such a fire and ice shot, no he learned a magic that weakened you because of its shear strength, little could learn a spell, let alone use them and still live, Shiro being one of the few. Forbidden magic, he didn’t know of the consequences or of what it actually was before he had sold himself to it. Shiro now knows not to trust strangers that give you odd books at night, but it was his fault, he wanted to be more powerful...

Shiro snuck away from his friends to read yet another book he had “acquired”, why did he hide the book? Well Ryo, Shiros childhood friend, is very protective and would give Shiro a scolding if he were to find Shiro with such a book and since the two were separated for such a long time, Ryo was even worse now, same with Shiro though... It was hard for Shiro to read considering the fact practicing the spells made him weary. With every spell the words became more and more blurred, just as he was on the 27th spell or so, a firm hand touched his shoulder and he tensed at the feeling.

“Whatcha reading there?” A familiar voice asked from behind him.

"O-oh... Ryo hehe... What brings you out here?” Shiro asked while trying to keep his voice steady.

“I was about to ask the same thing! I thought you were going to sleep...?

“Y-Yes, however I just wanted to sit here and... watch the sunset before I retired”

“Mighty fine book you have there...” Ryo said with a stern face. “Can I see it?”

“N-no!” Shiro yelled and only noticing his mistake when it was too late. Ryo lifted a questioning eyebrow. “I-It’s not a book you’d like... It’s fairly boring actually” Shiro said while forcing a slight smile.

“Right, right... Hey you look real pale, Shiro? You should get some rest...”

“I suppose you're correct Ryo, well I will be taking my leave now then.” Shiro went to stand, that was a bad idea. He stumbled and was caught by his friend, dropping the book in the process. “Huh? Oh no...” Shiro said as he went to pick up the book, but Ryo was faster and got to the book first. He read the title of the book with his good eye.

“My, my Shiro... “Forbidden Magic: Shadow spells”?” As he read his lips curled into a frown. Shiro still clutching onto Ryo for support wished he could just disappear right now... Oh what Ryo was going to say to him... “Shiro...” Ryo began.

“Ryo, I-“

“Save it! What have I said! Don-“

“Don’t interrupt me Ryo” Shiro said while glaring at Ryo.

“Then stop reading this poison! I could tell you were weakened! Why do you do this to yourself Shiro?!” Ryo yelled the question, his stare could kill a weak hearted boy Shiro thought to himself.

“I have nothing to explain....” Was all Shiro could say, he knew he couldn’t win against his friend, especially in his current state.

“Nothing?! Are you touched in the head?!”

“Touched...?!” Shiro hissed back.

“Look at you! You can barely stand!” Ryo shot back, venom dripping from what words as he said them. A shiver ran down Shiro’s back.

“It's a price to pay for power, Ryo, once I have learned the spell; it will not affect me in such a manor” Shiro replied, his voice shaky.

“Fine, Shiro! If you wish to do this to yourself then you will get NO sympathy from me” With that Ryo let his friends fall to his knees. “I’ve tried to stop you, but you always act like such a stubborn, selfish child!”

Shiro gasped as his knees hit the ground, he looked up and his friend. “Don’t you speak to me in such a manner... Y-you have no place claiming I am stubborn and selfish... I do not do this for self benefit...”

“Right!” Ryo spat. ”You do this just to prove to yourself that you’re strong enough, you hide behind this, telling yourself you can defend anyone, that you’re stronger then you opponents! You want to be more powerful, you don’t want to be small!” Shiro flinched as his friend... His best friend said this. He held back the tears and swallowed the lump in his throat.

Shiro was silent for a few seconds then got the strength back to speak. “Ryo I-“

“Shut-up!” Shiro was taken aback; he could not believe what his friend was saying. “Bye Shiro, enjoy your magic...” And with that Ryo threw the book on the ground, turned and walked back to the others, holding back the tears that he wouldn’t let anyone see.

“R-R-Ryo?!” Shiro yelled, but no avail, his voice was weak, thin, he had almost no strength left. He just hung his head and cried. He cried until he didn’t have strength to cry. He looked at the discarded book Ryo threw and held back more tears trying to break though. Shiro hadn’t noticed the rain until he had stopped crying and took in his surrounding again. “H-Huh...?”Shiro groaned upon seeing the rain. He attempted to stand but again to no avail, he again fell, this time knowing he had no strength left; he just lay on the wet ground as the rain poured over his weak body. “H-help me...” Was all he could muster up the strength to say as he fell unconscious...