Proud to be DIFFERENT chapter.1

Proud to be DIFFERENT
Chapter 1

It was a dark, dreary day in the small city of Durlingon, like almost every day. Zack slowly got up and sat at the edge of his bed. Zack was fairly small; he had an innocent, fragile appearance. His hair was brown and “just a little shorter than” shoulder-length. He had light green eyes and a bright, cheery look to him. He looked over to the other bed identical to his, except for the fact that his blanket was blue, another much sturdier looking than Zack, he had short, blond hair and dark blue eyes, so dark Zack could sometimes swear they were black. Finn was, again, much more muscular than him and taller, but he was LAZY. Zack sighed and quietly stood up as not to awake Finn, and quietly got ready.

Zack chose to wear a simple long sleeved blue top and dark brown, baggy pants, his favourite outfit. “Man, it’s raining today again... Sigh, I might as well go on a walk, the weather will NEVER change!”Zack said with annoyance clearly present in his voice. Before going Zack glanced at the fridge and sighed. “I’ll eat later; I’m not really hungry anyways”. Zack got his rain coat which was a simple black jacket really, it looked think but was very warm, it wasn’t to long, halfway to his knee about, give-or-take. He buttoned it up and opened the door, causing it to creek, such an old door, maybe we should oil it or something? Oh I dunno, I don’t know about this kinda stuff, Finn does...

Zack just randomly walked around, lost in his thoughts, he occasionally looked at the names of the many stores Angel’s Bakery, Carlos Butcher... He read the names in his head, like he did every time he took a walk. His thoughts were erupted when he collided with another person going on a stroll. “off!” Zack feel to the wet ground and landed in a puddle. “Well, what luck do I have, I’m sorry about that-“he said as he looked up at the person he bumped into. He gasped, the blood drained from his face and he widened his eyes. “M-Mason!? What a-are you-“stuttered Zack.
This “Mason” guy stared and Zack for a little then smirked. “Oooo, and what do we ‘ave here? Its little gay boy going for a little walk, but where’s your little boyfriend? Hm? You get in a fight?” He said, while still smirking. Mason, someone you do NOT want to meet, he loves making fun of people who are different than him. He had medium length, wavy, light brown hair and hazel eyes. He was a taller than Zack, and defiantly stronger.

“Leave me ALONE! I do not understand why you have to pick on me all the time...” Zack attempted to stand up but was kicked to the ground again. Zack looked up at Mason who was now laughing mockingly at him. Why...? Why do I always run into him...? What can’t he just leave me alone...?!

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