1st of April

It's the 1st of April :> uh-oh ~~ did you fool anyone? I made some jokes to 2 of my friends ~~ nothing much but it was fun xD ~~ i didn't get fooled ... exception: TheO did it :> They changed our avatars xD Mine was the first one in the following list. What was yours? *^^*

Been to college today to leave an application >u< and made 3 pictures. - bad quality- That's the back of the university + the really small bench/park place xD
It's such a bad weather outside ಠ_ಠ /// waiting for some sun ... someday ... one day
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Any suggestion ?

So this is this ... i didn't fix MS 4. I think it's because of the resolution or something ... about a month ago i got a new Wide monitor which uses 1366x768 resolution. The old one used 1024x768.

I tried using the old res. but nothing happened ... i also reinstalled many times MS4. i guess i'm doomed xD But this isn't 100% about me .. but about my manga First Crush TT^TT I decided to work on it but i can't use my tablet in MS4 in which i started doing FC.

I did page 6 today ~~ lineart was done by hand, scanned the picture, added it in MS and after i used my mouse for Tones and such ... it's really stressing. And after finishing i realised something </3. Because FC was on hiatus ... i ddidn't really got the same .. style. Hana looks different. I don't know if in a bad or good way but she is different. And the previous pages don't go well with the 6th one. (i don't even think that in the rest of the pages Hana looks the same but oh well)

Please tell me what you think ... you can see the story here : First Crush

Ps: Here's something nice i got about a week ago xD . I also have one with the gray fuzzy animal from My neighbour Totoro ( must see must see -_- ). It's a cute keychain ~~

Manga Studio 4 problem ! please help

Okay ... so i was trying to work again on my manga First Crush and something "neat" happened <3. When i try to use any tool a straight vertical line appears and my actual drawing moves 5 centimeters below or smth like that ... i really don't know what to do -_-. My tablet works fine because i tested it in Photoshop,Sai,Paint and it's ok ... If there won't be a solution to this i will have to reinstall MS4 and it's quite a pain TT^TT.

Piano ~~ <3

I will be short because i need to do some homework for logics ... a subject which i doubt will help me in this life xD ...

copy paste from DA :

I got today 3.03.2011 my "piano" <3 ~~ Casio ctk 2100 which *reirei18 recomanded me ~~ It's really awesome xD i tested it and it sounds really beautiful for a start. Many tones,rhythms,songs and a helpful learning function ... I also got a Song Book ( and it's spring green xD ) with many songs ... hopefully i'll know to play them in a few years *^^*. photo
Thanks again to *sirenabonita for helping me reach my goal and also *reirei18 for recomanding me this Casio <3 A little shot :

Island Fantasy artbook

Hello ! Long time no talk *^^*. I am currently with my mind in the clouds trying to work a little on things i got to do ...

Just finished my work for the Island Fantasy artbook xD ( more info on DA : Island Fantasy artbook ). You can see my work on the bottom ~~ will submit it on theO after posting this .

Busy with the search of an electronical keyboard ... Thanks to reirei who suggested me to get a Casio ctk 2100 ... this is my current option ... looking for prices on e-bay or something ... but all in all i think i will buy it from Romania xD .If i get the "piano" from e-bay or amazon i will have to pay taxes and god knows how much those are ... Anyway, yesterday i went to the music shop and found the Casio i was looking for. It's really nice, it has full keys like a piano and many functions, 400 + tones . It also has an usb for a pedal <3 can't wait to try and sing something ... someday in the very near future ~~
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I would like to thank a special someone from DA who commissioned me in advance so i could get the money i needed for my piano TT^TT

~~ Currently watching Playfull kiss/Mischievous Kiss *^^* It's really awesome xD I already saw the anime Itazura na kiss and the drama It started with a kiss ... and i love them all ;P They're really funny, awesome and nice to watch
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Kim Hyun Joong ( he's a Gemini like me yay *^^* )who plays the male actor reminds me of someone who was in my highschool xD ~~

Nothing much to spare now ... It's snowing again ... freezing outside >o<