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Chapter one

"Loser" I heard voices calling from the blackness. Another day in my personal darkness. I felt a tear rool down my cheek. I felt the air parting by my head, something round, a rock maybe? By instinct I caught it aas It tried to hit my shin. It crunched lightly in my hand. Just becuase I'm blind doesn't mean I can't see a rock coming at me. I growled and continued walking to the door.
"Wow, now the freaks bipolar!" A familar voice said,Udo. The rest chortled as I caried my books to the door faster. Life is my person hell,darkness,laughing voice,ugh,this must be what hell is like. My hands pushed against the invisible door and I was free,from school anyway. Then the rocks started again,to many to catch, so I just ran as fast as I could. I ended up in a brick wall alley. I sat down in a corner to catch my breath.
Then I felt something coming, no, three somehings coming, three large men, there footsteeps heavy against the pavement. The footsteps stopped, thye were here. I felt my body shaking.
"Hey lookie what we fond" one chortled, seeming drunk. His footstep clambered closer to my trembling, bruised body. "Why don't yer come with us, pretty lady?" He chuckled and the other two chuckled and came closer as well. Every mustle in my body screamed to scape but to where? There were walls and the sides of me and one behind me. There were three hulking men in front of me and I could'nt even be able to see if there was a small hole I could escpae in.Nothing. Then I heard one of the men pull out something, a gun the vibrations told me.
"WELL C'MON" he yelled at me drunkly.He put the gun's nuzzle to my head. A pulse of adrenaline pulsed through my body,everything lit on fire. What was happening?!? The fire blazed through my body and pained me as it trailed its inferno. Then it hapened!
I saw the world!Color and all!Not just vibrations! It was in a deep red tint, I saw the brick walls, the three hulking drunk men, the pebbles on the stone floor. The adrenaline pulsed more and the fire was leaving my limbs,making them feel numb, like the weren't mine. Then it left my eyes and my world pcrawled back into the darkness. Was I dead? I couldn't feel anything normal, I just felt like I was in a floating abbyss of darkness.
"It's okay now." a velvet voice told me. "I promise it won't take long." It encoraged. It spread a warmth in me. It comforted me. I felt like I could completly trust this voice, like it was part of me. Wait,that was MY voice! I was going to panic but the warmth reminded me my voice had said it would be over soon. I was calm again and I could feel what was hapening around my body, or hear atleast. I heard the gun snap. "HOW DARE YOU HURT AIKO!" my voice screamed, though I wasn't the one who had talked. "I finaly wake up and what do I see, three hairy drunk guys!" the voice complianed, than it seemed in thought. The mean took the opertunity and I heard their fist crash towards my body. I heard cracking, but it wasn't my body. The person in my body ha d twisted and broken their arms in all of two seconds. "Once is unforgivable but twice gets you thrown to the dogs. Oh how happy they'll be,they haven't been fed in a few years" I could almost see the mocking smile on my face. The mean were wonfused and muttered "What the heck man." under their breath. I heard barking, then screaming, then yelping andn cruching. I shivered. Then the person went back inside to me. "It's okay now, I promise, Aiko" it told me, warming me once again. "W-what's happening out there?W-who are you?"I stutered.. "Nothing" she cooed. "My dogs are scaring the men away."The crunching, ripping and slashing outside sounded a hell lot more than just scaring them away."And I'm Amaya, your other half." she continued.
"Wait What?"I said, my voice cracking. "Calm down Aiko, I am your other half, we complete each other, we were born together." she finished. I don't know why but I felt like for once someone liked me, and I could belive her. "Thank you" I whispered.
She smiled warmingly at me and whispered "Your welcome" back to me. "Shall we continue our chat later? My dogs are finished and I do belive I said this wouldn't last long."
I nodded. I felt my limbs returning to me. I felt a faint bit of the adrenaline in my vains. "I can give you a gift, but it won't last long." a voice in my head, Amaya, whispered.
"Please." I said quietly, walking with slushing sounds underneath me, what was that, probaly puddles of water.
"Close your eyes." Amaya whispered and I did as she asked."Now open them" she said softly, and I did. I saw everything.
I looked aroun the alley, I saw every little crack in the bricks.The three dead mean were lying on the floor, mangled corpses, the only think left of them was bone. I shivered and looked down. The slooshing wasn't exactly from water. I quikned my steps home. The alley may have been scary bu the rest of the world seemed so buetiful, but still. I thought. sill, Amaya did kill thoose men...she shouldn't kill anyone. I would tell her that when I was home, right now I was running across the feild in my bloody shoes.
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Forbidden Memories Chapter 1:Beginning

I wrote this with trinitylight
She was pale, almost translucent, her cheeks were a deep red and her bangs curved over her face. Her hair was a deep brown with golden, honey blond streaks in it and it went down to about her chin which curved at the end. Her eyelashes arched gently over her lavender eyelids. Purple circles laid underneath her eyes like she hadn't slept in days. The brownish green never ending forest that was her eyes... it seemed to suck me in. Her lips were a faded salmon pink. A small silver pendant rested on her breasts and she had a stack of books in her hand.
I shook my head and turned to look at the boy beside her. He was paler than her, if that was even possible, and had the same dark circles and lavender eyelids. His black hair faded into a red at the tips and draped over his black eyes. He seemed graceful and dangerous at the same time.
I gulped and walked over to their compartment on the bus twittering my fingers nervously. I took out a colorful card from my pocket and handed it to them. No one ever dared go by these two who kept to themselves, Suzumi and Shouto.
"Your invited to my party" I squeaked out nervously.
Suzumi nodded and smiled warmly, "Thank you." She replied in a polite, dignified way. Shouto just nodded silently. I gave a nervous smile back and went to my seat on the bus where I heaved a sigh of relief, a bead of sweat that I didn't realize I had fell on my arm. I wiped my forehead with the back of my hand. It was warm and wet. I really they hoped they would come to my party but at the same time I was a bit scared of how all the others would act towards them but I had already thought this out beforehand so all I had to do was follow through. The bus halted to another one of its stops and not paying attention I almost hit my face into the blue bus seat in front of me.
"Are you okay?" My friend Aoi asked.
"Fine," I murmured as I headed off the bus and into the brick building called, Hursuki High. I sighed as I swiftly glided to my locker and then homeroom where my gaze seemed to focus on Sazumi and Shouto, they were whispering to eachother and I swear I could hear some of their words. I concentrated and I could faintly hear the word, "party." I smiled confidently, but away so they couldn't see. The bell rang and the morning announcements came on, as usual and the normal clamor of students was persistent.
The day went by quickly though nothing changed much. I rushed outside and headed to the bus with my books, when I got on I sat a seat behind Shouto and Suzumi and caught on to more of what they're saying.
"Do you think you can handle it?"
"I'm not sure but the real question is can you?
"I'm positive I can!"
They're speech was quick and low so I couldn't catch much more, but now I was sure they were going to come. A new feeling of warmth washed over me as I felt confident. I still needed to do some last shopping though, but I just needed my last pay check. I worked at the local convenience store at least an hour or two after school everyday, it wasn't much but the money I got didn't go to waste.

I walked over to the convenience store when the bus stopped and brushed my hand against the familiar door as I came in. The smell of coffee and doughnuts filled the air as I came in. I walked behind the counter and put on my green apron with the hopes that time would fly by and I wouldn't have to stand around and be board for long.

More and more customers flew by and there was only 10 minutes before I could leave. The other customers faces were a blur but I could clearly see the next two customers that came in. I'm sure I looked fairly surprised though I tried to hide it. They walked around the store for at least five minutes but even though they were as quiet as mice, I couldn't help but be preoccupied with their presence.

They skimmed the store with what seemed a bored look in there eyes, even Sazumi's usual sparkle in her eyes were dimmed. She glanced at something and her eyes lit up and she chuckled a musical laugh. I couldn't help but be curious so I took a look at what she was looking at. It was a few of the pairs of plastic fangs leftover from Halloween. Her amusement to this was bewildering to me and I wished I knew what the story was behind it.

Finally they walked to the counter, I stiffened up, but I had hoped they wouldn't notice...

"Are you okay?" Sazumi asked placing her items on the table. Shouto looked at me but said nothing as usual, his eyes were a deep maroon.

I quickly snapped out of it realizing how much of a dork I must have looked, "Yah just dandy." thinking how corny that must have sounded to myself. I quickly scanned the items stopping to notice that she had taken a pair of the fangs.

She saw me glancing and quietly said, "Hmm? Will you please check us out?" Shouto glanced down at the items and looked like he was holding back a laugh. They looked at each other like they knew what they were thinking of doing and for the first time I saw Shouto smile and laugh, to me it sort of looked like he was already wearing a pair of fangs but they seemed so much more real than the ones they bought...

To this I hurried up and then they were on their way laughing all the way out the door. Still confused, I clocked out and washed my face in the bathroom. Did I see what I thought I did. I wasn't sure. I pondered this all the way home, what took me off my mind when I got there was my little sister, Raiko, she had left all her toys about and I had stumbled over one and fell flat on my face.

I grumbled and got up, a scraped my knee and went to the kitchen to bandage it. Once I was done I bent down and picked up the toys one by one, and put them away, just as Raiko had walked in. When she saw me her face went pale and she started to edge away slowly, like I wouldn't notice or something. I turned on my heels and yelled out, "Stop, right there!" Her eyes looked scared. "Now listen, next time you leave your toys about, I'm going to lock them away. You know I'm not kidding either, so watch yourself." To this she ran out of the room.
I sighed and headed upstairs to my room. I sat down at my writing desk, the party was in two days and I needed to start planning. I jotted down the food and other things and ideas for the party and folded it into my pocket. I mean I had most of it planned...in my head. Now was the follow through. I already had all the invitations out so I needn't worry about that, but there was one thing that seemed to tug at my head, like I was missing something. I shrugged it off as I pulled out homework from my backpack.

I quickly finsished,it was very simple. I put my books back in my backpack and left to go see if my Mom needed any help in the kitchen. She had carrots cut and potaoes skinned and there was a steamy pot of water on the stove.
"Hey, hun could you dice those potatoes for me, I have to run to the store to get some spices, we ran out of pepper," she said is a haste.
"Sure thing, ma." I replied.

I got the potatoes and starting cutting as my mind started to drift. hmmmm......An image flashed in my head, one that wasn't mine. A bloodied battle field with scarlet stains embedded in the dirt soil graveyard. There were only two people left alive, one cowering staring at her blood stained hands who had pointed fangs and one who looked a their prey with a pained expresson. The pained faced girl ripped a sword from the ground and I saw her mouth the words, "I'm Sorry," as a tear dripped down her cheek, the vision stopped and my eyes were wide. That's when i realized I had cut my hand. Now the potatoe was ruined but I had enough time to clean it up so my Mom wouldn't notice. I washed my hand for a long time, just thinking about that strange thought, more like vision, had occurred to me. When my hands were prune and my sister started screaming that's when I turned on the sink

I sighed and a vein in my forehead bulged. I growled out loudly as I finished up in the kitchen and slowly started walking down the hall where the shreiking became louder until i reached the source. Raiko was jumping around her room pointing to the floor, I yelled out over top of her, "BE QUIET!" When she heard me she stopped and ran behind me, eyes watery. I sighed, "What's wrong?" I turned to her my hands on her shoulders she studdered out, "S-sp, SPIDER!" She dug her face into my stomach and I put my hand on her head and stroked her hair
I sighed again. The spider was scampering away harmlessly to a corner where his web was. So I walked to a tissue box and pulled a couple out and scooped up the spider. I opened the frosty window and let him free. Raiko was standing where I had left her sniffiling.

"Is his gone?" she siffled.
"Yes," I replied calmly. I don't know why but i felt really anti-social after this and that nagging vision that appeared in my mind wouldn't settle. So I locked myself up in my room and layed out on my bed all night. Just before dawn my eyes slid shut and I was dreaming, something that was unimaginable!
I saw stories that my grandma told me about, vamire clashes. I never listened to them but they seemed so real! All of the sudden the scene showed Shouto covered in blood and Suzumi looking sad next to him. My eyes shot open and I was in a cold sweat. I got up and went to the bathroom to look at myself in the mirror. I swear at first I didn't see anything. Maybe I was just having weird dreams about Shouto and Suzumi because the party was tonight.

I sighed and my sister came in singing.
"Watch the cucumber
See how he moves.
Like a lion,chasing a mouse
Watch the cucumber,Oh how smooth his motions,
like butter,
on a,
bald monkey...?
watch the cucumber,
all the vegitables,
envy their friend,
wishing to dance as he,
dancing cucumber
dancing cucumber
dancing cucumber
Dance dance Yeah!
Look at the tomato
Isn't it sad?
He can't dance.
Poor tamato
He wishes he could dance like the cucumber,
free and smooth
but he can't.
What do you mean I can't dance!?!
I can dance!*sad look*
But what about Uncle Lou's Polka Prty?!?
Didn't you see me dancing at uncle Lou's Polka party?" When she noticed me she just stared and I stared back. I was totally shocked, to me a nine year old dancing around singing like a mad man is just amazing. I didn't even know she could memorize a whole song! She read my expression and laughed, "That was only part of the song" she giggled. I rolled my eyes and walked past her to my room to change. I was glad it was a Ssaturday.

I checked the time and it was almost noon, the party started at 2 and I still didn't have everything I needed. I stuffed the list into my pocket quickly and darted down the stairs avoiding a confrontation with my mom and quickly snagged the car keys, without her noticing.

I quietly jumped into the car and drove to the nearest store where I could get my items. It was such a pain because most of the stuff I had to improvise on. When I got back home my mom was waiting, oh jeeze.

"Where have you been?"she pestered.

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Unseen secrets Chapter two:Emma

"What the heck is it,What does it do?GOD HELP ME!?!"I screamed.I swear I could hear Emma chuckling and saying "Your fault not mine but if you want I could just kill you instead.It would also be alot easier on my part"Just then my mom walked in and I `heard Emma's chuckles fading."What the heck are you screaming about?"she asked."Nothing"I lied knowing she wouldnt belive me.As she left I murmured "Okay I'll take this instead of dieing"."I thought so" she chuckled.I silently fell asleep and when I woke up the next morning I was hoping it was just a bad dream but then felt the choker in its place and sighed.I went to school and tried to avoid Hana's peircing eyes.After school I heard two boys whispering.One was a boy with black hair and blue eyes and the other was kenny."Did you hear?"the black haired boy asked?"Yeah they let they goth girl vampire wanna be join our team as one of the main kickers!"retorted Kenny."Oh no"I graoned.I knew who they were talking about.When I was at socer practice and there was Emma waiting for me".Soccer went pretty smoothly untill Emma kicked the ball so hard it wizzed through the netting on the goal and whirled out into the street.The oher boys were amazed and suspected her of cheating.'Hard kick"I thought to myself.I heard a chuckle and murmur of thanks in the back of my head.I started walking home hoping Emma wouldn't stop me again,she didn't.I walked up stairs to my room and turned out the lights.I was about to go to sleep when I saw a figure already in my bed.I screamed then I heard a familliar chuckle and turned on a dim light.The fiure was Emma wearing worn silver and black oulfit with a few blood stains on it.She had a small blood sploth below her mouth and her famgs weere petruding out of her mouth because she didnt have to hide them now."Are you okay Oliver?"she chuckled.I nodded fearing my words would fail me."Would you like to play with me my pet?"she giggled."Pet?"I asked."Well you've got a collar and that makes you my pet."she laughed in return."What do you mean?"I asked,confused.She pointed to the chocker on my neck Its kind of like a collar.she chuckled then she roze.She put her sharp fangs close to my neck.I could feel her cold icy breath."Oh god"I murmured as i shivered..She put her mouth to my ear and ased "do you want to know what it feels like to be a vampire?" and than Emma's fangs were lowered toward my neck again.I could feel the tips of her sharp fangs gently lowering on my skin.I shook and said "No Emma I dont" qeuitly.I could feel her fangs tear away from me and she satrted backing up seeming to be her noemal self again,well her definition of normal anyway."Im sorry,Im really sorry Oliver"she said sadly,maybe even crying a bit.She jumped out of the bedroom window and dissolved into the night.I tried to get to sleep but the words "Im sorry" kept echoing in my head.When I went to school the next morning I didn't see Emma there.It worried me for some reason.I heard an unfamilliar chuckle and a girl wearing a black top and a black and hot pink plaid skirt appeared infront of me."Hello I murmured backing away a bit."Hiya"she greeted cheerfully.What are you doing?"Kenny asked me noticing me backing up in the middle of social studies.I shook my head "Hi too I guess"I muttered "Nothing Kenny ummm I just had a urge to back up"I said awkwardly."Oh Oliver,Im Jenna Kiron" she said jumping ontop of Kenny's desk accidently making his pencil roll on the floor.Kiron hmm....where had i heard that before hmm........"EMMA KIRON"I screamed as I figured it out.Kenny was freaking out not only at my remark but also the floating pencil that Jenna was picking up for him.I laughed a bit at the freaking kenny"I gotta go bye!"I said pulling Jenna and running out of school"what the heck?"I asked."I was just trying to help" she complained` when I pulled her out."It wasn't my fault"she said crossly.I looked at Jenna"what do you mean Jenna?"I asked."Your the one who suddenly screamed out big sissy name" she said as she handed me a news paper that read "Girl Ran Over By Car In Helana"I stared at it"what does that mean and so I screamed out Emma's name"i said."As far as humans know Emma is dead and as far as my family knows she's either dead or missing"she cried than looked at me infurieted"IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT"she screamed at me."You were the last one to see her before she left so it MUST be your fault!" she cried then a sudden anger for revenge swelled in her eyes and she held me tightly in her arms even though she looked about ten she didnt even strain to keep me from moving.Her arms were to tight to escape.Her fangs were bared at me and I knew she was going to bite me next.

Unseen secrets Chapter one:sucked in by a real Vampire

Bloodmoonwolf helped me make this.This is to say "Sorry for not posting in months" lol

There was a girl in my school who was like a vampire. She never was awake in school,always tired, I don't even once remember being able to see her iris,eye color. She never ate at lunch,just stood there with a full tray I even saw once, when she yawned during social studies that some of her teeth were sharpened to a point! She had glitsening long dark black hair that went down to her thieghs. She had a slim figure and she ussaully wore pants and a shrirt unlike the other girl who always chose to wear dresses. Her name was Emma but my friends and I ussually called her goth vampire wanna be.
I was playing soccer as I saw her walking home.Come to think of it I've never seen where she lived. I heard her giggle a bit as she seemed to be looking at one of the many bats that called Helana home. Her giggles sounded like bell chimes in perfect rythym. I felt air rush by my head. "Hey you let him get a goal Oliver!" A tall blond haired boy with blue eyes yelled angrly at me. That was my teamate Kenny. Kenny is annoying some times but thats only when he yells at me of course but I can't help but have the feeling that Emma is really a vampire but maybe I'm only paranoid.. I sighed as I finished the soccer game,We lost by one goal,the one I missed.
I slowly started walking home when I heard a scream coming from the forest and quickly ran over to it. The forest was dark and dim yet it had a hidden beuty to it. I rushed in and saw a most unbelivable sight. My eyes widened as I saw it.I never thought that they were real but they were, Vampires are real, it was Emma I saw feeding on a human I'd never thought I'd see this.There was blood dripping down her chin as her jaw was clenched tightly around a young man's neck. I gulped then she looked up and I swiftly ducked behind a tree,hoping she didn't see me yet. Then I started running home,faster than when I came. When I was finnaly home a walked inside and locked the door behind me,out of breath. I sighed,a bit frightened and walked up to my room,closed the windows and doors and finnaly fell asleep. The next day I couldn't help but notice she was staring at me curouisly, I gulped.Her eyes were just barely wide enough for me to see her iris but I managed to see a thin outline of scarlet,blood-red irises surounding her midnight black pupils that seemed to suck me into them. I relized I was staring at her and quickly looked away,blushing a bit,knowing now, that she is more than a goth vampire wanna be. How can this happen I mean I'm just a regular guy I don't need to know about vampires, Heck if I didn't see Emma feed on that other human I wouldn't know they existed. I tried my best to try to stay away from Emma and keep to myself for the rest of the school day but to my horror Emma had tried out for soccer, on the same team as me. The coach said we will find out if she will joining our team tomorror. Im crossing my fingers she won't, there has already been enough craziness and I don't want more.Things just had to keep getting worse didn't they?I frowned and started walking home,to my dismay I was stoped by Emma.I could now see that she seemed a bit cheerful and was not as sleepy as she was in school,her fully opened eyes sucked me in. "Hello Oliver" she smiled, I notticed that two of her top teeth were larger and shaper than the others.I shivered than said "Hi" qeuitly in return and tried to walk away again but she stopped me. Why does she have to be so annoying and stop me I won't tell vampires are real if she leaves me alone thats all I ask of her and then we can go back to normal almost normal. "So you do know" she said,smile faltering. "Know what?" I lied pretending to clueless. She frowned.She could tell I was lying and said smoothly "Now what shall I do with you...".I gulped. She put a black choker around my neck and told me to behave."What-"I started but she vanished before I could finish. When I got home I tried to take the choker off but it didn't budge."What the heck is this?"I yelled on the top of my voice.