Pictures of Xio

All of the Following Are Artworks of Mine of Xio:

Blood Lust

All of the Following Are Artworks of Friends of Xio:

Under The Mistletoe by Naomi Bear
Sexy by xNotUnderstood
Xio by xNotUnderstood
Who will he choose? by krokun
Protects What's His by Artgrrl
Xio & Kiki by Artgrrl
Stormy Vampire Night by Naomi Bear
One Night Stand by Naomi Bear
Xio Sketch by Kitty K.O.
Dirty Game by krokun
Xio <3 by vdr-07
PGR Berry Up by Naomi Bear
Xio! by Saikat
Tango by Artgrrl
Waltz by Artgrrl
Xio Chibi by Eneko
Xio & Kiki by Artgrrl
Xio >D by vdr-07

-More Always Welcomed-