Pictures of Lux

All of the Following Are Artworks of Mine of Lux:

Handsome Studs
Sex Appeal
Sexy Lux
Best Friends
Lux The Shinx
Ouran Highschool Gijinka Club

All of the Following Are Artworks of Friends of Lux:

Chibi News Lux by ArtGrrl
Lux Vs. Rai by Toyotami kun
Mr. Tail by Eneko
Lux is Now Mortified by Eneko
No Need To Cry by Naomi Bear
Happy Belated Birthday, N! by Naomi Bear
Like A Bawss by Eneko
by xNotUnderstood
Female Lux by xXShayde WolfXx
The Horror by Eneko
PGR Banner by Kitty K.O. and Eneko
Wet Lux by Naomi Bear
Lux :D by vdr-07
Kittyback Ride by Eneko
Lux Old Look New Look by Artgrrl
Come! by Brunette
Kissing by vdr-07
Here's Luxy Boy by inuyasha231
Lux's New Look by krokun
Tension by krokun
Vocaloids by vdr-07
Chibis x3 by vdr-07
Chilling Outside by Otomi Babii
Male PGR Icons by Kitty K.O
Frienemies by Otomi Babii
Lux Chibi by Eneko
Abbie & Lux by Kitty K.O.
Having Fun At the Beach by vdr-07
by krokun
POKE! by Sacrificed908
Lux The Luxray by Sacrificed908
Lux by Kungpowchicken
Lux Chibi by Eneko
Tango! by vdr-07
Reach by Naomi Bear
Blue Haired Flirts by Naomi Bear
Chibi Lux by vdr-07
The Love Triangle by Otomi Babaii
Lux And Lupe by Otomi Babaii
Nuuuuu!!! by Naomi Bear
PGR Couples by Naomi Bear
Shall We Dance by vdr-07
Hoom & Lux by vdr-07
Luxy Boy by inuyasha231
Lux Kun by inuyasha231

-More Always Welcomed-