Xio's New Profile

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Pokemon: Dark Luxray

National #: 405

Title: Gleam Eyes Pokemon

Type of Pokemon: Electric

Held Item: Amulet Coin

Ability: Intimidate

Attacks: Thunder Fang, Shock Bolt, Giga Impact, Double Team, Iron Tail, Protect, Toxic, Crunch, Thunder, Thunderbolt, Facade, Extreme Speed, Discharge, Swagger, Take Down, Strength, Wild Charge, Thunderpunch (Technically not a move a Luxray can learn, however, since he is humanoid, it works)

Weak Against: None

Name: Xio

Nick Names: Bastard (by Lux)

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Birthday: July 25

Birthstone: Ruby

Sign: Leo

Element: Thunder & Lightning

Height: 6’3’’

Weight: 220

Chest: 6 pack abs

Hair Color: Jet black

Hair Length: Tall and messy on top and long past his shoulders and braided in
the back.

Eye Color: Yellow/Gold

Skin Tone: Peach

Build: Athletic

Markings/Scars: Red lines under his eyes but no scars.

Tattoos: One around his left bicep that looks like a vine wrapping around his entire arm.

Piercings: Both ears on top with loops.

Looks: Red lines under his eyes, sharp fangs, and has both ears pierced.


Persona: He is actually very much a gentleman when people for meet him. Very caring, concerned, patient and sweet. He also is very intelligent since he has traveled across many lands and has learned many different customs for many tribes. He is what they call a “Prince Charming,” however, under that fake exterior is the true horror of this beast. He is actually cocky, arrogant, blood thirsty, cruel, evil, pathogenic, vile, malignant, sinister, and vicious. He is a very good actor, but Lux is the only one that has seen his true side and lived to talk about it. Everyone else….well they were killed.

Orient: Straight

S/O: Single

Rival: Lux is his rival from childhood and still is..

Siblings: Not available

Relationships: He is actually a childhood friend of Lux’s but not in a good way. He and Lux are total opposites but in many ways people refer them to be brothers even though they are not blood related. Xio does not have any current relations with any women because he sees them as trash and not needed, however, he does have his eyes on Kiki and Roselyn. He is currently Nyarth’s mentor and is someone who he looks up too as he trains Nyarth. He also has ties to Sevran since he worked under him for the mafia in the past.

Hometown: In a valley near Sunyshore City

Grade: College

Job: Right now he is a wanderer but he was a hitman who worked for the mafia.

Song Name: Animal I Have Become

Song Artist: Three Days Grace


Likes: Destruction, battling, pretty women, blood lust, death, thunderstorms,
and darkness.

Dislikes: Lux, Team Galactic, ugly and loud mouth girls, weaklings, and stupidity.

Fears: Nothing

Strengths: He believes he’s God’s gift to the word, so everything.

Weaknesses: None

Battle Style: When he battles, he’s out for the kill. He holds nothing back when
he battles which ends up to be very quick and deadly. This is something that annoys him but he loves the feeling of blood splattered on him. That is why he battles for the thrill of it all holding nothing back.



Food: Crème Puffs

Drink: Rum & Coke

Color: Black

Flower: Whatever the girl likes he is with…

Tree: Who gives a damn? Damn tree huggers.

Season: Summer

Activity: Exercising/Training, naps, and sex…


Background: He was Lux’s rival in his childhood, he was the jock of the village while Lux was the nerd. He believes he will be the strongest Pokemon ever, even greater of that of Mewtwo or any legendary Pokemon for that matter. He was the most popular Shinx in the village because he was able to everything that was asked of him, though he slacked in school, he was still far superior to anyone even Lux, thus he picked on him and was cruel to him with constant teasing of Lux. The day that Team Galactic came to his village, being a small child, Xio was frightened so he lied to them because he hated Lux so much for being so smart. He handed Lux over to Team Galactic, and believed that he saved the village. That was not the case though, Team Galactic came back with a half beaten to death Lux and showed Xio that he was not strong and threw him over a bridge, Xio and many of the other Shinxs, Luxios, and Luxrays battled to protect their village. But nevertheless, it was all in vain when Team Galactic brought in their mightiest of Pokemon and killed everyone off. Xio only managed to survive due to being knocked out by a Rydon and was saved by his father who protected Xio with his own body. Hours later Xio awoke to a war bitten village. Nothing was left but destruction and blood. Once Xio laid eyes on his father, he began to lose himself. He spent hours trying to find anyone who was alive, but as he did so, he began to drive himself crazy and he too began to destroy buildings, thus urge to destroy came in handy. He left the village in ruins that day not aware that the only one that did survive was Lux.

He too traveled, training himself in battle. He did things like a regular battle defeats his enemies and walked away, but one day he was surrounded by a group of Ryhorns and Rydons in a canyon where they beat him half to death. The images of his village and of the Rydon that almost killed him and killed his father came back to his mind. At that moment, he beheaded one of the Rydons and smiled evilly at the others as he evolved into a Luxio. Within minutes he masacared every single one of them and laughed from the body parts that surrounded him and the blood he was covered in.

As he stood there, Zapdos had witnessed this scene and took Xio in and trained him. Like Lux who trained with Volkner and Rikou, Xio experienced the most difficult training of his life and was put through hell to become stronger. Xio trained with Zapdos for 10 years and evolved once again under the training of his master. He learned how to hide his power and control his emotions. Once his training was done, Zapdos let Xio go telling him, “that there is no more I can teach you.” With respect towards his master, he only looks up to him. Now a Luxray, Xio travels the country searching for strong opponents and to kill Team Galactic.

On his qwest to find Team Galactic, he began to work for the mafia because of his skills for fighting. Since it paid well, he worked under the mafia with Sevran for a few years. While working for Sevran, his blood lust grew and his thrill and strength become even more destructive then ever. The other nice side of this for Xio is he met many women along the way and got his way with them but never comitted to any of them. However, this was also the way he found out about Lux still being alive and left to find Lux. He would eventually come to find the mansion.