quick update... again!

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Hello! How's everyone doin'? How's the weekend went for you guys? As for me, I am so sore... I had a busy weekend! I didn't have time to relax at all. Just a quick update from me.

Yesterday, I DL a demo of Vocaloid Diva 2 for PSP and on that demo there was a song in there that I got so~~~ hooked on. I looked into around and DL the MP3! lol Here's the song on YouTube.

fyi, no I didn't break-up w anyone recently or anything (single and love been single). I just like the beat! There's a piano ver and it's really nice... but it's too slow for me.

Sadly, haven't done much due to busy week and weekend. I'm hoping to finish it before I leave to Japan.

Anyways, that's my quick update. Hope everyone has nice rest of the Sunday.