quick update!

Hello~! How's everyone doin'? How was the 4 day weekend? I'm pretty sure everyone is hating today right now (back to school/work). I feel the same way.

K, I'm taking my break at work and thought to update.

yeah, some of you saw my fb pics of yesterday's soccer. It was pretty fun! Now this week I have 2 more soccer games (wed & sat)... so I thought, but I was wrong. I have 3 more soccer games (wed, fri & sat)... I'm not sure, I gonna go to Friday one, cuz my friend isn't sure he can make it to the Friday one. Also my left feet isn't fully healed from lil injury I had few weeks ago, so if I push it too much and play 4 games, I might damage it badly... but currently, I'm a soccer-holic, so we'll see. lol

I was working on one of the drawing... but I didn't like how it looked, so I've start over again. Just chara's fashion itself wasn't the way I wanted, so currently my chara is naked. lol BUT I'll surely put the clothes on, when I get the fashion I like.

Anyways, gotta go now, so hope everyone has nice week and hopefully I'll update some more later