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Pretty much all my daily event and rants. I'll try to update much as I can

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WIP for...?

Hello~ how's everyone doin'? As for me, I'm enjoying the hot weather. It hit 100 degree! Oh~ I'm totally lovin' it... but my pc, car and another electronic stuff isn't enjoying as much as I am (it's really hot).

Anyways, just came to post lil WIP

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You can kinda tell what it is... but not fully. This one, I'm practicing my shading still, so mostly this pic gonna be monochrome.

Also, I have started working on "other" project too. I don't wanna show this one, cuz I'm not sure, if I can make it to the due date... We'll see

Well hope everyone has nice weekend and keep water around, so you won't dehydrate!

lil break

hello~ or (good morning here). how is everyone doing?

as for me, I'm currently dressed up nicely to work & been interviewing people w circulation specialists (big word for assistant managers) & so far it's been interesting. we'll be interviewing people til 7pm, so it'll be fun.

well next interview time, so better get going.

No, I'm not mad...

Hello~ how's everyone doin'? How's the weather? Here's been really hot (which I love), I think it got up to 96~98's if my phone read it correctly.

Anyways, I was going to work on one of the drawing... but tonight, work was bit of nightmare. One co-worker thought was I was angry, she even text me after work to check and see how I was doin'... but actually I'm mad, I was more disappointed than mad/angry. I reply back saying "no, I'm not mad. If I was mad, you'll see the fire looking aura behind me and no-one will get near me, cuz they'll be scare that, I might bite their head off."

In my memory, I have only been mad in front of public once and everyone who saw me or was near me can feel I was mad/angry, resulting going home early to cool my head off. lol

Few friends that I have taken martial arts class can tell you that when I snap, they can feel in their body/skin (give em a "burning chill" idk what that means, but that's how they explained it). I'm very stubborn and sometimes I don't like to loose in sparring resulting me snapping here and there... but I promise, I'm not that short temper. Specially in front of public. I try not to be mad/angry in public cuz I feel stupid. lol

Anyways, I'll start working on it tomorrow~

Hope everyone has nice cool night.


Alright Ten-chan, as you request (more like demanded lol) here's WIP... well part of it anyways.

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Currently, I'm having hard time w the eyes... and I gave up working on the eyes and start working on hair. It's pretty much done. Just need to finish the eyes and figure out the BG and I should be UL it here (if I'm lucky, it'll be done by tonight).

To be honest, I'm not satisfy w it... it was really really close to delete it and start from the scratch, but I thought, Ten-chan would be sad (mad), so I'll finish this one and do new one later.

Anyways, that's it for tonight. Hope everyone has nice night.

to all the title naming genius out there~

Hello~ how's everyone doin'? As for me, my left leg feels like broken. lol No, not really broken, but it's really sore from playing soccer yesterday. Speaking of soccer, anyone watched the world cup? I heard it was really crazy game. If you were cheering for Spain, alright! If you were cheering for Netherlands, sorry.

Today, I was surfing around the web and I found this campaign Gran Turismo is doin. It's pretty simple. Just listen to the song and think of the title... yup, that's pretty much it, nothing special. Here's the site.

"Gran Turismo 5" E3 2010 Trailer Music Title Naming Campaign

All the rules and stuff is written, so check it out~. I'm still thinking of the title.

Anyways, I need to ice my leg, so I'll see everyone later~

I've promised that, I'll post WIP... but I haven't and sorry. I'll try to post it ASAP.