Welcome to Lutopia! My username is CrystalFlute; people call me Lute for short, so I thought, "what's more appropriate than to have a world named ~Lutopia~" ~so that's where the name comes from.

Post #1

Suggested Reading:
My favorite anime/manga: Azumanga Daioh is now available as an omnibus with the entire manga collection bound in one volume! XD *skips around* I was so excited when I saw it on the shelf I immediately picked it up.

Suggested Movie:
This weekend I'm hoping to get the movie "Enchanted." I thought it was so magical. True~ very over the top, but that's a reason why I like it!

Random Fact About Me:
I have an unintentional knack for killing plants despite all efforts not to.

1. Does my site look ok? Anything I should change?
2. What are good update topics?
3. If you had options: A,E,N or J. Which would you choose?
4. If you had options: C,G,H or N. Which would you choose?

Thank you for coming by my little site! This was my first post, I hope it was a good one! ^_^

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