Yo, Wassup? Lupe the Lopunny here! You're in my world now.
You know what that means..?
That's right. YOU DON'T EXIST
.... Ha, Just joshing with ya! But don't stay to long before I get pissed.
Nosey bastard.

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LET'S RP~ <3 ...

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Voice Meme Time!

I chose Sango from Inuyasha for her English and Japanese voice reference! She is the girl in the red and black demon slayer suit with the big boomerang. For her singing voice, I chose Utada Hikaru for Japanese and English. She's so awesome~ <3...

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Nell here!
So, I was definitely thinking...
I'm going to re-vamp Lupe's whole, entire look.
Since it's been years from when I last modified her.

Also, Anime-san told me that Lopunnies have a Mega-Evolution, too...?
Yesssss I need to make an outfit for that too! .A.

Of course I would need a little help.

Do anyone role play anymore?
I've been dying to role play in like a chat or something.


PGR Secret Santa


Well... I won't ask for much.. and I really don't want much.
But Secret Santa, pretty please give me this:

  • Any drawing of Lupe
  • A banner for Lupe's world
  • Lupe avatar
  • Lupe wallpaper
  • Inspiration

Please and Thank you!
... <3


How To RP With Me!

Yo! Lupe, again. Are you confused about how I am? You want to use me in your stories? Well, shit outta luck; I can't help ya..... ....... LOL just kidding. Lemme give you the deets on how I am and how I act and shit. ...

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