Hello, I am Lunakitte. Or Luna-chan ^-^ You can call me whichever....or if you know me well, I'm Natalie. This is my World, about me and my opinions or daily activities in life. I add to this page every now and then. So don't expect for a full update everytime I log on..^-^ Enjoy.



Race:Hispanic/Puerto Rican

School Attending:Permian High School


Favorite Saying Of The Month:
1.Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why we call it the present. 2.Life is a lesson you’ll learn it when you’re through.

Dance the night away!!!

Okay the title gives it away!!!!! My school had a V-day dance and i went alone
(not with a guy cuz i broke up with my bf a few weeks ago...) BUT, I went with my gf's!!!! and we danced the whole time!!!!!! i know it sounds lame to go 2 a v-day dance alone...but it was so FUN!!!!! I did the soulja boy in my heels!!!(but now i have blisters on my feet >_<). I hope all of you guys had a good v-day!!!!! Even if u were single that day it can still be fun with ur friends!!!!

Happy Valentines Day!!!!!
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Twilight Fanatic_2!!!!

Okay so i just finished the LAST book and it only took me three days to read!!!
I read it faster than the 3rd book becuz well, it was the LAST book!!!!
And it was REALLY good to bad there not going to make it into a movie or at least that's what i heard.... anyways it was a really good book with nessie in it and bella being a vampire and all, well written Stephanie Meyer!!!!
Twilight Rocks!!!!

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Twiliht Fanatic!!!!!

Ok, so on TheO I've been seeing a lot of comments of ppl saying Twilight gets on their nerves... but I LOVE TWILIGHT!!!!
I just got done reading the 3rd book and can't wait to get the 4th!!!!I want to see what happens in the 4th!!!!

Like when Jacob says he loves Bella,
and Edward and Bella are getting married,

SRRY just had to say

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TGIF!_I Love Fridays!!!!!

Okay so who doesn't like fridays???I mean come on!!!You gotta love getting out of school and hanging out with your friends!!!BUT...for me being in school is fun too b/c all my friends are there, I get to goof around with my friends...(the only non-fun part is taking notes,doing algebra,etc._all the learning stuff)
Today at school was P.J day so we got to wear our p.j's!!!!!
My b.f [best friend] thought my little penguin pajamas were so cute!!!!
Then after school me and my g.f.'s came and hung out at my house...
SLUMBER Party!!! >_<

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By Reenigrl

Favorite Animes_2!!!!

Here are some more of my fav. animes!!!

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Kingdom Hearts

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Strawberry Panic

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