Thank U Peoples!!

Ah so you all have gotten the message that it's my b-day today and yes it is. The big 17. It's really funny when I say "I'm 17" people say "Don't lie". Evidentally I look/act much younger haha.

Because I've gotten so many gifts I don't think I have the time to send out all the gifts and comment on all y'alls profiles to thank you guys. So I'll just say it now THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!! Naru, littlepooch, Twighlight Samurai, Smiling Isoka, ichi haze, skullrose99, Cinnamon Sparrow, Nru, E-chan, and anybody else that comments or gives me a gift muchas gracias!!!

I went to school today and though school is depressing a whole lot of my friends wished me a happy b-day (thank you facebook) and one of my friends baked me brownies/cookies. I'm officially celebrating my birthday friday (I'm either going to a seafood place called Babins or a japanese place called Shogun) but I feel special today. My dad made me pancakes though I already had cereal. And tonight I'm having steak mushrooms and onions, sauteed spinach (a fave of mine), and mushroom and herb cuscuos. For presents I've gotten only money but I'm not complaining since I'm buying the new ipod touch and need all the money I can get my hands on.

I think I've already said this but I'm in love with hetalia. Here's another strip: