New Obsession

I must confess that I have a new obsession over Hetalia. I got addicted to watching clips on youtube then went ahead and bought the first two seasons (anxiously waiting for the next two and the movie) and the night I got them I watched all of it in one sitting. So yes, I am obsessed. At first I just saw the subbed version and they were speaking SO FREAKING FAST that I just dropped it. But for the fist time ever I acknowledge that the DUB IS BETTER THAN THE SUB. I can't believe that I just typed that. The world's ending people and it's starting with Hetalia.
Really it's so hilarious and soooo offensive. Imagine all the contries as people made solely on their stereotypes and you have Hetalia. America is by far my favorite and it's not because I live in America it's because he is the funniest of them all. America eats all the time and is so self-concious about his weight that he works out all the time and is in effect super-humanly strong not to mention the fact that he's an idiot. Then I love Canada cause he's the opposite of America (I also know a guy from Canada who unlike Canada is most definately NOT nervous). Then my third fave is Britian cause he curses alot and he's funny when he's with the US.
What's probably the coolest thing about Hetalia is that if you know the rough basics of history it's ten times funnier. Not to mention that it's gotten me interested in bits of history. I've googled and asked so many questions because of it.
One thing I don't like is that it's rated MA which means if I want to watch it on youtube it blocks me because I don't have an account.

I had to post this because I sooo get it (I'm from Texas).