So I'm back from Dallas. I had some fun there yesterday, we went to Six Flags. I rode lots of roller coasters and the lines were short cause it was so DAMN HOT. It was in the triple digits in the shade, I'm not kidding. For those of you who prayed for Sam and wished him well: THANK YOU SO MUCH. I know I've said it a lot but it really does help. His surgery went well, no problems and he'll be out of the hospital either tomorrow or five days from now. The poor kid, he had a rough night throwing up and crying. I saw him today his head was swelled up from the amount of blood there. They were expecting that but it was sad he looked like he had two black eyes and he couldn't see. He looked like a different kid and every time he woke up he started crying and it made me want to cry too. Really just seeing him like's so sad that he has to go through that pain at that age. I just ask that you guys keep praying for him and wish him a safe recovery.

Oh and frowbling I'll submit the chapter when I finish typing it up.