Hey there peoples! This is a world that as it title says is about Lil Ol Boring Me (I know it sounds so interesting). This is pretty much the place that I talk about what's going on with me. I'll try not to make it One Piece Fanatica all over again but... Yeah, if you don't know already One Piece is my LIFE!

So here are some things you should know...

My Name: Luffysister, or Luffy, or Lara (my actual name), call me whatever you prefer

Where I Live: In the awesome state of TEXAS! I'm not telling anyone my adress though (too stalkerish).

My Fave Anime/Manga: ONE PIECE!!!!!!!!! I also like Host Club, Otomen, Shiawase Kissa something, Beelzebub, Eeensy Weensy Monster, 1/2 Prince, and Dengeki Daisy, and my new fave ORESAMA TEACHER!!

My fave show: Modern Family

My fave Bands: Rise Against, My Chemical Romance, Sum 41, Artic Monkeys, The Classic Crime, uh...I can't think up the rest

Some people on here that are just awesome and you should visit:

Ecnelisterger, he's an awesome artist and an angel when it comes to being a friend.
Naruto Uzamaki12, she's got some pretty good cards and she's been one of my greatest friends on here.
frowbling, me and him are practically siblings, we've had some awesome (and sometimes awkward) conversations.
HalfwayVamped, I love her world Asylum and she's been an awesome friend.
jerryabistado, his One Piece and original artwork is amazing, you should really check it out.
Cinnamon Sparrow, she's an awesome One Piece friend and I love her art.
foxfireburn, SOUTH PARK STRAWHATS, check it out, it's amazing!!! Her artwork is pretty cool too.
littlepooch, she's been there for me since Community Fusion started.

I'll get to the rest of you some other time, I'm pooped.

Hope you like it here!


Okay, I just saw the Percy Jackson movie and it was a load of crap. I've read the books okay and this was...this was a nightmare. If you are going to or wanting to see it here's my piece of advice for you: DON'T DO IT!! DON'T SEE THE PERCY JACKSON MOVIE!! It's really sad to know that now people will think the books are bad. To those of you thinking, it can't be that bad, no, it was BAD. Trust me on this people, don't waste two hours of your life on a movie like that. Really, I think that was one of the worst movies I have EVER seen. I think I'm going to have to re-read all the books to get rid of that memory. My poor father...

I could go on and on but you would soon get tired of my ranting so... Tomorrow. To some of us it is a joyous day filled with chocolate and kisses but to others like me...it is a dark cloud looming over our heads. Yes people, its the most useless holiday ever created: Valentines Day. Yeah, I'm really not a big fan of it but still I have to contribute to it somehow so I drew a pic (other than the one I've already submitted). I'll submit it tomorrow, I hope y'all will enjoy it (yes I said y'all), it really is a luffysister valentine.

I'm still recovering from the last One Piece chapter...sometimes it just hits me...he's not coming back.

On a more happy note, MY IMAGES AREN'T BLOCKED ANY MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to..*drum roll*...Sara!!! YOU ARE SO AWESOME!! Now I will be able to actually DO things on here, gosh, everything looks so different...

My face right now:


Haha, it was fun today. The fire alarms rang when I just got to my fifth period class and I went outside like usual and it turned out that it was a legit fire. There was news helicopters and everything. Evidently someone lit a toilet paper roll on fire in the boys restroom. We had to stay outside for about thirty minutes, I really didn't mind, I didn't want to go to fifth period. Unfortunately we had to go back to classes (but thankfully I didn't have to go to 5th) with just a thirty minute setback. Anyway, it makes for a great story.

Hey if you want to read the very short article about it go here:


No I'm not in the picture.

I Am Sad...

So I was looking at One Piece art on deviantART and all of the sudden it hit me, I'm a terrible artist. I wish I had photoshop so my art doesn't look so...pitiful. I'm trash *cries in a corner*.

Okay, getting off that subject I would like to explain to all the people who have subscribed to me and favorited to me and have been asking me why my computer is a but. The reason? Me. Here's how it goes: When I was still new here I was embarrassed to ask how to change my avatar from the one that the site automatically gives you. So, being the bright child I was, right clicked the avatar and hit "block all images from this site". Now to those of you who don't know the full damage of hitting this harmless looking button these are some of its consequences: you cannot favorite/hug anything, you cannot subscribe to anyone, you cannot look at peoples avatars, you cannot look at fanart(unless you click on it), you cannot put videos in posts, you cannot attach images on posts, etc. Aka, it SUCKS. Fortunately at that time I had another working computer that did not block images. That has now changed since I crashed that computer 2 times and it is pretty much dead right now. Sigh, I'm so stupid...

To add more stress to my situation I have to be able to play an uber hard six page solo perfectly for contest. I can't even get it up to tempo. Damn...

Turn the Channel Dear (Rough)

Yesterday I wrote a story the prompt was:

Write about a newly wed or newly dating couple that are watching TV, while watching it they learn something important about their relationship.

So, this is what I came up with:

Turn the Channel Dear

“Come on Ash, turn it to channel 9,” whined Daniel Stock, “The game’s coming on!”
She tightened her grip on the remote control, “The game won’t come on for fifteen minutes,” said Ashley, her last name just recently changed from Nickel to Stock, “I need to see what’s happening in the world Dan, we are going to watch the news.”
The newlyweds both sat on the couch, Ashley leaning away on one side so Daniel wouldn’t be tempted to steal the remote and Daniel on the other side, taking sips of his already half empty bear. Ashley did not like watching any kind of sports, so to put of the impending doom, turned it to the news, hoping to keep it there as long as she could.
The local news flashed noisily to their most recent story, a series of murders.
“The amount of evil in the world is unbelievable,” commented Ashley, “Who could murder another human being?” Daniel just looked at the clock, counting down the minutes, his hand absentmindedly playing with the electrical cord of the lamp sitting on the table beside the couch.
The story went on, all the victims were women, and the ones found were murdered presumably on Monday of last week, this Thursday and Saturday. The women’s faces were shown.
“That could have been me.” Ashley whispered to herself, looking at the faces of the dead. “Hey Dan, what were you doing Monday, Thursday, and Saturday?” she said laughing to her husband, trying to get her mind off the news.
Daniel arched one eyebrow mischievously, “Oh, you know, same ol’, same ol’,” he said smiling; it was ten minutes until the game started.
The news continued, a vehicle was seen reportedly at the scenes of the crimes, a red truck, license plate number: 6-“Isn’t that funny?” said Ashley laughing, “You have a red truck.”
“Ha ha, that’s weird,” Daniel said, still playing with the lamps cord.
License plate number: 67L-28O.
“Ha ha,” Ashley laughed nervously, “isn’t that your plate? Dan?” she whispered her grip on the remote shaking slightly.
Daniel smiled; five minutes until the game, “Weird right?”
The news continued- all women were strangled with electrical cords.

Creepy huh?



It's hard to believe it's already the end of the month...only fifty something more days till Christmas, sigh. Today it's really nice outside, instead of the usual 90's temp and unbearable humidity, it's cool and dry. I'm crying I'm so happy, . Anyway, life's okay, just a little boring but I can't complain, I'd rather sit around than do work. I am especially happy that my computer is fixed, YAAAAY!!! After it got a virus I thought I'd be disowned or something but now it's back and all mine, mwahahaha. It's a relief from password locked computers and computer fasts.

I am feeling a bit down about how I don't know anyone outside of this website that love's One Piece and has read it all the way through. It only makes me feel like cursing 4kids even more.

Reading manga is scary now, I feel like every time I go on mangafox the computer's going to crash. Oh and good new's everybody!! Naruto is NOT the number one manga on mangafox. I know I'm sounding like a Naruto hater but I just don't like that it gets more publicity than any other manga/anime. It's not just that it's that it's quality is deteriorating, at least One Piece get's better as it goes and and not worse. And of course there is the most hated anime character (in my view) still appearing in it, Sasuke. Please do not be offended Naruto/Sasuke lovers.

Nightmare before Christmas is on my mind, I want to get the movie so badly and I'm begging my mom to by it's songs, especially What's This (I've already got This is Halloween). By the way, if you didn't know, one of Oda's favorite movies is The Nightmare Before Christmas, you can see it thought in Thriller Bark and Brook who is Jack with an afro.

I've just found a good OP fan comic, besides the South Park one. It's on daviantART and it's called OP Comic I think, I love the way they draw each of them and the comedy of their work and I think some of you would like it.

Happy Halloween again!!