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My picks: Best of 2015 in K-pop

Another year has passed and another gazillion songs were released. Many of them were great and comparing two last years, 2015 was musically better (and every K-pop fan will tell you so, I'm pretty sure). SHINee comeback in 1 year and 7 months, Big Bang comebacks in like 3 years or something which slayed every single chart, B.A.P's return, BTS first win on music show and so on. This was a great year for K-pop!
I personally listened to so many songs this year and decided to make a list of my favourite ones. And let me tell you something, this wasn't easy.
So many great songs = tough choice.
At first, I didn't want to include BTS and GOT7 into this list because I love every single of their songs, but then I couldn't just not put them on the list. So I chose one song from each, as well as for others, only one song per artist (I'm looking at you Big Bang). Also, I planned to comment each song, but aas there's too many songs and too little time, I'm just going to list them~

15. 4minute - Crazy

14. Infinite - Bad
13. EXO - Call Me Baby (well, it was this or Love ME Right, both great songs)
12. Mamamoo - Um Oh Ah Yeah (such fun MV to watch heheh)
11. IU - Twenty Three
10. Rainbow - Black Swan (not gonna lie, I was impressed with this song and surprised how good it is)
9. Big Bang - Bang Bang Bang (classic duh xD I bet this song is on most "Best of 2015" lists)
8.DAY6 - Congratulations (love, love, LOVE this song and love Jae hahah)
7. Jessi - Ssenunni (badass song for when you feel badass)
6.Hyuna - Roll Deep (not a big fan of the MV though)
5. Park Jimin - Hopeless love (amazing vocals :O)
4.Seventeen - Shining Diamonds (not a song they promoted, but my favourite)
3.B.A.P - Young, Wild and Free (one of the groups I really like, B.A.P are back!!!)
2. GOT7 - If you do

And for number one, drum roll please... although you probably know which song is it hahahah

1. BTS - Dope

Without doubt, 2015 was BTS year. they won 9 times on music programs against PSY, Big Bang, EXO and other big names from big companies, done their world tour and Korean/Asian tour. They were up against so many things, both negative (haters ugh -.-) but also many, many positive ones.
It was so hard for me to choose only one song, but in the end it was "Dope". They broke records with it and even featured on Finebros' react channel. Not only it's fun-to-dance-to song, but also conveys genuine message (not deep and touching love story, but rather boys' attitude towards themselves and society). Well done!

There were many more great songs I wanted to mention, but couldn't, so I would
recommend watching this awesome mashup of 2015 Kpop songs~

May I say, that last part was awesome!

My Christmas Playlist

Merry Christmas everyone!~
And thank you for over 6,000 views~ Love you!
Since it's Christmas today, I decided to share some of the songs from my K-pop Christmas playlist I have more than 25 songs on it xD
I'm not going to write my usual commentaries on each song, I'm just gonna say this is extremely biased list (and somewhere randomly picked) with like half of the songs by BTS lol

1. Jimin and Jungkook of BTS - Christmas Day
(Cover of Justin Bieber "Mistletoe")

2. BTS - A typical trainee's Christmas

3. BTS - A typical idol's Christmas

4. Big Hit - Perfect Christmas

5. Eric Nam - Melt my heart
(I was not going to say anything, but look at little Eric at the begining, so cute~)

6. Starship Planet- White Love

7. Yoseob and Daniel - First snow and first kiss

8. GOT7 - Confession Song

(it's so cute when you find out that those were real people confessing)

9. EXO - Miracles in December

10. Infinite - White Confession

BTS - The Most Beautiful Moment In Life

Alright, I've been waiting since September for RUN MV to come out and since I didn't talk about I NEED U, I think is perfect to connect them in one post (well, they are connected)

First of all, why The Most Beautiful Moment In Life? I found this post that explains the meaning really well,but in short, it represents Chinese idiom which literally translates to "the years like flower" or the years people blossom, explore and find themselves (which is youth).

With I Need U, released April 29th, BTS started their two-part series where they talked about youth, its both dark and bright moments. There are so many theories online about what the story line is and what is the connection between not only those three videos above, but many others. I personally don't like to theorize a lot, I leave that to people who are good at that, I just like to enjoy music and acting and reading others' theories, but I do like connecting things in my head.

So basically, in I NEED U we see every member struggling with their lives:

- Suga setting himself on fire
- Rap Monster being disrespected at gas station (his job) and throwing lollipop/cigarette on the money
- J-Hope overdosing on pills and collapsing
- Jungkook getting into fight/getting beaten up and getting hit by car
- V having to deal with (I guess) his violent dad that drinks too much and beats his mother and eventually killing him
- Jimin drowning
- and then we have Jin who... lies on bed with white petals and in closed room? (It's quite obvious that Jin is different than others)

They all have their worries, but when they're together they completely forget about them and are enjoying themselves.

The 12-minute-long Prologue starts with bloody-handed V tying to clean himself and calling someone of other members, possibly Jin. Then all of them show up and have fun. Captions show up, such as "You can smile as long as we're together" and "You need to survive". Moreover, we see V climbing up something a looking down the, what I assume is, empty pool.
Then, all of them go near sea, driving along the coast again having fun and then stopping at gas station. It's here when Rap Monster takes picture of Jin and Suga (it'll be important later). And then they're again back to the shore sleeping in a car and greeting the dawn. And then V climbs up that construction or whatever and jumps in water, pressumably wanting to kill himself and that's the end of video. However, the current original version of the Prologue is missing its last part which BigHit deleted and we still don't know why. It showed Jin in his empty car at the shore taking out the picture of him and Suga that Rap Monster took. But picture shows only Jin and there's no sign of Suga on it.

A lot of people put out theories that all of them are dead besides Jin who is still imagining them and trying to live in memories they had together. And the Prologue too was matching to that theory. However, the music video for RUN came out and changed opinions of many.

RUN, released November 30th, starts with V falling in water, showing the continuation from Prologue and throughout whole video we see shots of him underwater, probably fighting with his desires and instinct. We see Rap Monster as well, taking soda, putting ice in it and then drowning his lollipop in it (definitely symbolism) and walking up to the wagon and opening the door. Video transitions to the house where members are having a party and then transfers to just them having fun in general. Now we specifically see the pairings that were set in both I NEED U and Prologue, Rap Monster and V are paint-spraying, drawing graffiti and then running from police. Moreover, we see Jin stocking cards which are later crushed by V (there's definitely symbolism as the last track from the album is called House of Cards). And of course there's a whole lot of running scenes, but I wasn't expecting anything less of music video called "Run".
Moreover, we see J-Hope waking up in hospital-like bed with Jimin besides him (another pairing) and they start the pillow fight which continues to the party.
And then we have the third pairing, Jungkook and Suga and this is probably my favourite part of the video. Suga, in some kind of frenzy, is breaking things and Jungkook tries to stop him, so they start to fight. I personally love the nonchalant laugh of Suga as Jungkook tries to stop him and Jungkook's facial expressions which clearly show his "Please, don't do it! Stop!" emotion. Then there's a bit more of running and having party and then comes my second favourite scene of music video hahahah I just love camera work when Jungkook sits on the pickup truck and then shows cars behind him. And yet again, they're having fun by being crazy and vandalising.

The scene where Jimin goes into bathroom and whole squad waits him there is definitely related to his part I NEED U where he's shown drowning in bathtub.
The ending part shows Jungkook in front of a vehicle (just like in I NEED U) but this time it seems that vehicle stopped as Jungkook is smiling towards camera.
Eventually, V emerges from water and when you thought it's end since there's credit roll, the very end shows picture without Jin that is being burned by Jimin (I NEED U ended quite similarly).

Now, there are a bunch of theries. Most popular ones are probably those of tumblr user taetaetown
I've been following her theories (as I said I don't really like to theorize myself).She had a theory connected to Peter Pan theory, which seems very feasible. In short, all of them except Jin are enjoying their youth, doing crazy thing (representing lost boys) while Jin realizes he started growing up and his "most beautiful moment of life" is near it's end. That's quite possible since Jin IS the oldest member, just few days ago turned 23 years internationally.

Anyways, them being dead or not, I completely loved the acting in all of this. From V's murder scene, over Jimin's drowning to Jungkook x Suga scene, they've done it so well (considering they're not actors, though Jin is studying acting) I was on verge of crying. And of course, they paricipated in creation of all of the song on both mini-albums and that makes it so much better knowing it comes from their thoughts and heart. Their company, Big Hit, definitely put a lot of effort in planning whole concept to deliver something different and rarely seen in K-pop to ARMYs (BTS' fans).

Phew, that was a lot of text, if you read it all, thank you very much and here's a cookie for you
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Wait, wrong "Kookie" hahah
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[OCTOBER 2015] My K-pop Playlist

As I promised in my last post, here goes the list of the songs I've been listening to past month (and a bit more)^^

1. GOT7 - "If You Do" (+ whole "Mad" album)

Since GOT7 is, with BTS, my favourite K-pop group, it's only natural that I did listen to them this whole month. Compared to their last comeback, "Just right" in July which was bubbly and colorful, this time guys became "Mad " at their girlfriend with darker concept. Thematically, those songs are probably complete opposites. "Just right" talked how the girl shouldn't change anything about herself, that she's "just right", while in "If You Do" boys are rebelling against bossy girl in relationship and wishing they can go back to the time they were happy.
I don't know much about music so I cannot explain exactly which genre is or how that bridge sounded awesome (but now that I googled what bridge is, it really is awesome xD Lily M. has done great job in this spoken bridge), but I can say that I definitely love the song, especially "Every day, every night, Feel like a fool, You gotta now" and "Can we go back to the way we were"~
Out of the other songs from the album, I wouldn't call any of them powerful, but I cannot really describe them (suck at musical terms >.<). And I must say I really like rap parts in this album, I definitely can hear the improvement, both rappers' and vocalists'.
In short, great song ,amazing acting, awesome album^^ But then again I'm quite biased on this one xD

2. DAY6 - "Congratulations" (+ the rest of the album "The Day")

JYP's first ever male band has debuted after probably something like 2 years or so of telling they will debut. At the same time I'm sad and happy they didn't get the promotion as other groups, but to be honest, music shows just do not have proper equipment for playing live instruments. Also, I'm really glad most of their album is work of members themselves.
"Congratulations" is amazing in terms of melody, vocals and music video. I guess it would be considered rock, but again, I know nothing about that. Whole album is really awesome and definitely if I had to choose the title track of it, I would choose "Congratulations", as it is really catchy.

3. Ailee - "Mind Your Own Business"

One of the best female vocals in K-pop has yet once again has proved her title. It was really unfortunate that she injured her leg and couldn't dance during her performances, but she still managed to take the trophy on "Show Champion". When I heard song, I have to be honest, it didn't really stick out to me, but as I listened it for second time, I guess I got a better insight in the song and now I love it.

4. TWICE - "Like Ohh Ahh"
Yet another JYP group on my list what can I do, I'm JYP stan xD These girls just debuted October 19th, but are already slaying, as they have a bit over 7 milion views as I'm writing this and they have been nominated for 1st place on multiple shows. Song is good, but I feel like it could have been even better. Though, after few listenings I found myself unconsciously humming the song
I personally hadn't been watching the reality show "Sixteen" where the 9 current members were chosen among in total 16 contestants, but those who had watched it said they didn't show their full potential in this song, which is understandable as they just debuted and they definitely need time to showcase their talent. Their popularity is visible in current ongoing MAMA voting where they are currently in lead for Best New Female artist with 33,3% (second are GFriend with 27,2% of the votes).

5. Monsta X - "Rush" and "Hero"

Monsta X is a group with powerful hip hop feel. I would probably listen to them a lot more if I hadn't decided I do not want to get to know any other group in fear of having another group I really really like xD Two are too much for me
Whenever I listen to those songs I get a strong desire to dance because I really like the hip hop beats of both of them^^

Other songs I feel lazy writing full description for:
Jessi - "Ssenunni" - love how powerful is this song and love her rapping
iKON - "My Type", "Airplane", "Rhythm Ta" - YG artist are not really my cup of tea, same goes for iKON, but I still do listen their songs from time to time
Taeyeon - "I" - amazing vocals,awesome video, beautiful song
Planet Shiver - Rainbow - least popular song on my list, but it's so good~
One Dream One Korea - a bunch of amazing and famous singers gathered for this project

So, this was my list for this October! I hope I'll manage some time at the start of December for post similar to this~
Anyways, what do you say about these songs? What are your picks for this month/two months?~^^

Reviving this world~

Hi! Whole year and more passed again from my last post >.<
In a year, I got 2,600 views more and I haven't even posted anything, but I'm thankful^^

I have few plans for this world and I still have to see if I'm going to realize them, so I'm not going to announce anything as it may end up as nothing hahah
But I will announce my next post as it's already written and just waiting for me to edit it's appearance and add links - and it's list of the songs I have been listening to recently and all of them are September/October releases^^

Also, I plan to start making wallpapers and cards with certain themes, connected to K-pop, but as I said, I won't announce anything as I don't know how things in real life are going to unwind (Is that even a correct use of the word "unwind"? xD)

And I changed the name of my world! I decided I want something that connects this world to me

Anyways, hope you're all doing well~

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