Don't cry

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Owww a bit of drama doesn't damage anybody xD.

I did this image as gift for my Lucky-Friend Rika-chan (I love you darling).
The letter is of Stravaganzza's song "Deja de Llorar" (Stops Crying)
Below I put the translation. The image... I chose this for that I was looking alike the most suitable. And it's Lucky xDDD

"Stops Crying" (Deja de Llorar) -- Stravaganzza

Stops Crying
stops looking back
without fear you can get up and walk
give me a reason
for which already not to fight
undoubtedly you can confront the reality.

In your hand it's
chooses your destiny
If you want to change
go out of your shell
Choosing that you're going to risk nothing
only you will throw your life
be brave and fight for you.

Stops suffering
Stops lying
Stops fleeing
Stops hiding you
Stops dying
of the silence you have to escape.

Ja ne!