Lavi + Tyki = Laki = Lucky - In japanese Rakki means Lucky.

The term "Lucky" is used also because Tyki and Lavi need luck to be able to be united due to this situation, of being discovered it would be a big problem.

Lavi is bookman and exorcist. Tyki is Noah and he have a life as human. For this both live through a double life.
And as both have created a friendly bow with the human beings in spite of the fact that they must not have any deal with these.

It is necessary to add that Tyki is the noah of the pleasure and Lavi cannot have feelings for being a future Bookman, so nothing better that to feel pleasure with an expert in the matter XDD.


Hoshino has put subliminal Lucky in the manga.
The proofs are these:

*Tyki and Lavi fight in Edo but on good having seen it, Tyki only seems to play with Lavi, never he are obvious by the intentions of attacking him seriously.

*Something that surely we we all will have seen, in them fight inside the ark, when Tyki Noah wakes his side up and attacks Lavi, this one licks his blood. It gives us to understand many things XD.

*And now something that probably even they haven't noticed for those that they read the manga:
Tyki and Lavi changed earrings in the new part of the manga, that is to say the new chapters. I will not give them any more explanations, better simply go on to this image: --> Sorry. In Spanish The image says [From left to right]: "The earrings that Tyki was using to the beginning were small and round." - "The earrings that Lavi was using to the beginning were of hoop and small." - "Transfer of earrings" - "Later Tyki uses Lavi's earrings. Of hoop and small." - "Later Lavi continues using them of hoop but bigger. [Since theirs they were given to Tyki]"

And it is all. I wait that, as to me, you like this perfect couple and that you share the motives that you have in order that you like it.

Lucky Valentine

Hello Lucky-fans!!

Awww this time I bring my first Lucky fic in English!!!
It's a fic that I did for Valentine's Day and it's the title xPP
Has many mistakes, but I hope that you can understand it well u~u

External Image


On February 14.

The Black Order is decorated with lovely decorations for the mad ideas of Komui. He prepared something special for his little sister Lenalee, but the Bookman Jr. Lavi passed the whole day in the library, working for Bookman.

"A Bookman has no need for a heart... no friends... no love"

Lavi sighed. He had liked to be able to spend the day with Tyki, something completely impossible already not only for the fact of being Exorcist and Noah.

The dark man was going to pass the day with his family and he had prohibited to celebrate this day. If was not for the rules of the Bookman, he wouldn't have hesitated a second to go away with Tyki, but it seemed that the world was in his against.

Tired and bored, came already to the late afternoon to his room and he would have been left to fall down on the bed if is wasn't for the gift that had above. A small gift with a note that was saying:

"Para o meu coelho amado*
I'm sorry not to be able to be
with you this special day.
I promise that I'll compensate
it to you.

Happy Valentine's Day my bunny-boy.
I love you"

Lavi smiled on having read the note and opened the gift. Inside there was a beautiful red rose and a carrot. Quite joined by a red ribbon.

"I love you Tyki"

Lavi ate the carrot and then decided to go to the roof. He knew that woudn't see Tyki and Bookman might supect something if he saw him so happy and taking a rose.

He could hear the party of the other exorcists but ignore it. He went out of his room taking the flower that Tyki had given him and with it, came to the highest roof in the Black Order.

The cold wind was throbbing strongly, but Lavi was foreign to everything. His thoughts were centring on the Noah of Pleasure.

-An exorcist alone in the Valentine's day?- A nearby voice extracted him of his thoughts but he didn't see anybody.

Surprised, lowered his eyes to the emptiness down and there he was, suspended in the air. Tyki Mikk.

-Tyki?? What you doing here?

-I came to look for my lover, but I don't find him. Do you know where he can be? Hi's red-haired, green eye and he's really sexy.

-I'm sorry but I don't know anybody like that.- Lavi was smiling on having seen as Tyki was approaching more, only floating in the air.

Already they didn't say anything. Tyki ascended until his lips joined with those of Lavi. The kiss lasted several minutes. When they separated, Tyki delivered him a bouquet of the same flowers to the rose that already Lavi was carrying.

He winked and with a small reverence disappeared in the night.

-Good night Tyki.- Lavi returned to the inside of the Black Order and returned to his room, remaining slept thinking in his lover.

*For my dear rabbit. In Portuguese.

So sorry for the mistakes that could exist u.u
Hope you like it :3

Ja ne!

FanSound-Track LUCKY

Nyaaaaaa my first FanSound-Track.
It couldn't be of another thing: LUCKY

Lucky FST - Almost Lovers
External Image
With front, counter-front and image for the disc.

*List of Songs*
01- A Fine Frenzy - Almost Lover
02- Ai Otsuka - Cherish
03- Kanon Wakeshima - Shiroi Kokoro
04- Radiohead - Lucky
05- Len Kagamine - Gray
06- Oar - Love and Memories
07- Anna Tsuchiya - Kuroi Namida
08- HIM - Wings of a Butterfly
09- Depeche Mode - Strange Love
10- Muse - Dark Shines
11- Yuna Ito - Endless Story
12- Anna Tsuchiya - Cocoon
13- SID - Hisaga
14- Kanon Wakeshima - Kagami
15- BoA - Obsessed
16- t.A.T.u - Perfect Enemy
17- The Smiths - Handsome Devil
18- Kaito - Cantarella

Hope you like it.
The list is for all the tastes.
The best selection of Music Lucky

And it is a selection for which the first list tape-worm 34 songs but I had to reduce the list xD.
Already I'll do other one with the songs that I had to remove for this xDD.


Ja ne!!

Tyki // Lavi

External Image

External Image

Real Name: ¿?
Nickname: Junior / Lavi
Status: Exorcist, Member of the Black Order and Bookman Apprentice
Nationality: Mixed Race
Age: 18
Height: 179cm (5'10"); was 177cm (5'9") at the start of the manga
Weight: 62 kg (136 lbs); was 68 kg (150 lbs) at the start of the manga
Birth date: August 10th (Leo)
Hair: Red/ Orange
Eyes: Green
Bloodtype: 0
Interests: Reading
Likes: Yakiniku, sleeping, playing pranks, cute girls [[[And Tyki XD]]]
Dislikes: Wasabi
Voice Actor: Kenichi Suzumura
Name: Ōzuchi Kozuchi (big hammer small hammer)
Type: Equipment Type

External Image

Lord Tyki Mikk
Status: Noah of Pleasure
Age: 26
Nationality: Portuguese
Height: 188 cm (6’2’’ )
Weight: 70 kg (154 lb)
Birthday: Unknown
Horoscope: Unknown
Hair: Black
Eyes: Yellow
Bloodtype: 0
Interest: Living a double life
Likes: Eating with Eeez and gang, Koi-fresh from the pond. [[[And Lavi XD]]]
Dislikes: Studying
Voice Actor: Toshiyuki Morikawa

Ability and Weapons:
* Tease-flesh-eating butterfly golems
* Ability to choose what he wishes to touch, which can make him intangible to many solid objects or treat liquids and air as if they have solid form, seen when he is able to walk on water.
* Can also create a perfect vacuum around the opponent, completely removing the air supply
* Awakened form he has ribbon-like strips of dark matter protruding from his shoulder blades, which he can control as an extension of himself. Also can form sound-like circle barriers that can blast an opponent. In this form his power, speed, and abilities are enhanced greatly.

External ImageExternal Image

*Tyki has 8 years more than Lavi, and it is something perfect.
*Tyki and Lavi have the same bloodtype: 0
*Tyki and Lavi, both names only have 4 letters [Yeah I know, Lavi isn't his real name]
*Tyki hates study and Lavi is very intelligent. They complement each other.
*Tyki and Lavi put nicknames to acquaintances.
*Tyki and Lavi, both lives a double life.
*Tyki and Lavi are perfect.
*Tyki and Lavi are Lucky, and Lucky is Love.

Ja ne!